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The best cold plunge and ice bath tubs for your post-workout recovery

Conquer the cold plunge with one of these ice bath tubs

Ice bath in Switzerland
Tobias Oetiker/Unsplash

If you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, taking an ice bath at home or going for a cold plunge might have crossed your radar as a potential post-workout recovery routine. Or you might be on the opposite end of the spectrum and are looking for a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. If you want something more hardcore than a shower, taking a cold plunge (especially when paired with a sauna) is a great way to invigorate your senses and boost your wellbeing.

There are a ton of options out there, but we’ve got you covered. This list compiles the very best ice baths and cold plunge tubs of 2023. To determine which one is best for you, consider the size, material, portability, ease of drainage, and safety features like slip-resistant surfaces.

Here are some cutting-edge ice baths and cold plunge tubs that are sure to wake you up to the amazing benefits of cold therapy.

Torroband Ice Bath


The Torroband is made of leakproof material and features a light-weight, foldable design for easy transportation. It has two layers of extremely thick PVC and foam cotton for insulation that retains temperature for up to three hours. Pick this tub up for around $240, add water and ice, and you’re good to go.

Plunge Ice Bath
PLUNGE / bath


If you don’t want to keep buying and lugging ice, the PLUNGE ice bath is one of the best luxury options to choose from. This is probably the most beautiful ice bath on the list. That said, it’s on the pricier end at a whopping $4,990. This baby can cool to 39 degrees Fahrenheit, and it comes with an insulated spa cover to keep the debris out.

IcePod Chiller Pro
Ice Pod Company / The Pod Company

IcePod Chiller Pro

If the PLUNGE is too pricy for you, consider the IcePod Chiller Pro, which looks similar to the Torroband with a durable, leak-proof tub, but with a water chiller attached. The chiller can bring water down from room temperature to about 41 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty good. The IcePod goes for around $1,150 for the tub and the water chiller.

Ice Barrel 300
Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel 300

Sustainable options are always on our radar, and the Ice Barrel 300 stands out as a fantastic option. This ice bath tub is made from recycled plastic material and insulated with polyurethane, so it’s durable and lightweight. It has a small seat inside and a lid to go on top. If this sounds like the home ice bath for you, you can pick one up for $1,200.

Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath
Tru Grit

Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath

Travelers are sure to appreciate the Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath, which is available for $1,000. It weighs only 38 pounds and can be deflated, rolled up like a sleeping bag, and shoved into its carrying case in just a few minutes. With designated drain and fill ports, Tru Grit is compatible with most garden hoses and includes a cover, pump, slip-resistant mat, and repair kit.

Redwood Outdoors Pacific Cold Plunge Kit
Redwood Outdoors

Redwood Outdoors Pacific Cold Plunge Kit

If you’re looking for a wood-toned option to match your infrared sauna, consider the Redwood Outdoors Pacific Cold Plunge Kit. With a wooden exterior and a stainless steel liner, this ice bath is perfect for a cold plunge at home — that is, if you can cough up the $6,500 to purchase it. While expensive, the Pacific Cold Plunge Kit hides away its deluxe heater and chiller inside a closed unit that looks like a side table. You heard that right: If ice baths aren’t your thing, you can turn the Cold Plunge Kit into a hot tub.

Nordic Wave's The Viking Ice Bath

The Viking

For $6,000, the Nordic Wave offers a sleek, minimalist option in The Viking.  This ice bath comes with a chiller that has multi-stage sanitation and filtration systems, so you never have to worry about water quality. The Viking comes in three colors: Charcoal gray, arctic white, and nordic blue. In the package, you’ll find everything you need to get this tub up and running out-of-the-box, including a lid and a step stool.

Ice cubes for an ice bath
Jan Antonin Kolar / Unsplash


Whether you’re an elite athlete seeking peak performance or a health-conscious individual searching for a good recovery routine, there’s an ice bath for you. For those who enjoy an extra sparkle of luxury, consider dipping your toes into the PLUNGE. If you’re constantly on the go, pack up the Tru Grit. Whatever the case may be, we hope that this list has helped narrow down your choices.

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