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Worn Out Wednesday – Oliver Sharpe

We met Oliver Sharpe when we were covering Aspen Fashion Week years ago (yes, they have fashion in Aspen…) and after way too many bourbons, we became close friends. He is an Emmy Award-winning television producer and host specializing in live interviews, event coverage and branded content. This gent is also a published author and photographer. Oh, and he is the Business Development Director at AMP Sport. And you thought you were busy.

Here he tells us a bit more about himself as well as gives us a peek at his personal style and his love for OCBD’s. 

I got into television by accident. I was tending bar in Aspen and my friend was running for public office and had to step down as the host of the local morning show. I filled in for one show and then never gave back the microphone, later moving to New York to work for IMG. That leap has taken me backstage at all the major fashion shows and put me on-stage at the X Games. I try to have the same conversations with people on-camera that I would have in the street. Everything I do is just storytelling.

Recently I’ve been working with smaller technology companies to develop their brand identity and tell their story. There are multitudes of startups these days and to succeed you need to make your product stand out in a saturated market.

As for my personal style, here we go:

Jeans: Rag & Bone, Levi’s Made & Crafted. I’m a sucker for brands with ampersands.

Shirts: J. Crew, Rag & Bone, RRL.  OCBD’s (Oxford Cloth Button Downs) , I like to say OCBD.

Pants: 5 pocket pants from AG and James Perse.

Suits: J. Crew Ludlow (Japanese Seersucker for summer, Italian Wool for winter). I also have a classic D&G tux that I wear as much as possible.

Shoes: I am still fiercely loyal to the same shoes I wore as a two-year old; Vans (Era slip-ons) and Nike’s. Living in Aspen is akin to being stationed on the ice planet Hoth for six months out of the year so footwear has got to be as functional as it is fly. Falling down is never a good look (unless you are Jennifer Lawrence at an awards show). This winter a pair of Billy Reid double monks with a Vibram lug sole were in heavy rotation. A pair of Del Toro smoking slippers with skulls to accompany the aforementioned tux.

Accessories: My mom knits all my hats, I get a new stack for my birthday each year. I come from a long line of Silversmiths and tend to stick to sterling jewelry.  Specifically, a replica pirate coin necklace made for historic Jamestown by my uncle at Hand & Hammer. On the mountain I rock POC helmet and goggles. Their Receptor Bug helmet with Beats by Dre headphones built in is fast and loud.

Outerwear: I get to wear a lot of outerwear. Burton AK and Oakley for days on the hill, Gimo’s quilted down blazer and a jacket from Zegna Sport for nights on the town. I also have a raincoat from Aether Apparel that I really like.

Your favorite App: Revelry, a mobile marketplace for outerwear and gear, gives me   cash for old toys so I can buy new ones!

Favorite piece of technology: MacBook Pro lets me work from anywhere (as long as I remember the power cord).

Next tech purchase: I really want one of those remote controlled helicopters that they sell in the kiosks in the middle of the mall.

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