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What’s In Your Bag? – Labor Day

whats bag labor day

The last unofficial weekend of summer is upon us.  So The Manual has pulled some great options to wear, no matter if you spend it stay-cationing or going out of town. Labor Day weekend is here.

Board-AL.L. Bean – A durable tote that pairs camo, color and great leather details.  Canvas with a water-repellent red bottom.

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Bills Khakis – Hemingway inspired, this linen twill sport shirt will wrinkle but still gives a finished look.

Bonobos  – A sweatshirt henley is the ultimate combo for cool evenings around a campfire.

Burkman Bros.  – With a cargo pocket, this floral board short could pull double duty, be it at the beach or backyard barbecue.

Caputo & Co. – Featuring brass hardware, this brown braided leather triple wrap bracelet with black trim looks great alone or layered with your favorite casual watch.

August – Made by local artisans in California, this bi-fold wallet is crafted of Horween leather and pairs form and function with its numerous pockets and sleeves.

Sperry Top-Sider –   A dressed down wingtip can dress up any weekend look. This pair is built to absorb up to 30 percent of shock and vibration.

Board-BTodd Snyder – From work to weekend, this fleece shawl cardigan is a versatile piece for any guy, anywhere.

Superdry – Get tank’d !  Great for the water’s edge or a last summer’s softball game (with beer), this all cotton tank is a staple.

Patagonia – This 21” striped Supplex board short is great from beach to bar or a backyard grill fest.

Coach  – ‘Keep It All Together’ with an electronic cord zip leather pouch.  This is a smart solution to a spaghetti of cords!

Cole Haan – Yes, we love Cole Haan for their awesome shoes but also for their handsome sunglasses.

Graf & Lantz – Protect your shades with this minimal, soft and lightweight merino wool felt glasses sleeve.

Vineyard Vines –   Carrying the stripe trend to comfy flip-flops. From ship to shore, these are fast drying and easy to pack.

Board-CFossil  – Perfect to layer or on its own, a striped tee says ‘maritime’ without looking like a sailor.

Freemans Sporting Club – Using traditional ikat dyeing techniques, this camp shirt is relaxed and weekend ready.

Penfield  – Who doesn’t love a fish print chino? What more needs to be said?

Skagen – Best known for their baller watches, now Skagen keeps your iPad safe on the go.

Alexander Olch – A small grey and white seersucker notebook is perfect for taking digits at the beach.

Filson – When stainless steel and bridle come together to be a flask, take your single rye whisky in-hand for the weekend.

Tretorn – The Official Preppy Handbook made it a staple, but this canvas tennis shoe was born 50 years ago. #oldskool

Board-DMalin + Goetz – If you’re in a hurry, just grab and go with this travel well everything kit.  It contains six 1 oz. products to keep you well groomed.

Tani – This striped boxer brief is super soft and wicks away 50 percent more moisture than cotton.

Wurkin Stiffs – More Stripes.  Nylon is the perfect lightweight fabric for a dopp kit.

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