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Warby Parker Debuts First Clip-On Glasses

warby parker debuts first clip on glasses
We’ve been obsessed with Warby Parker since they made their debut a few years back. The glasses they make are stylish, affordable, and they give back to the community — what’s not to like? Now the eyewear label has come out with something new. This week Warby Parker launched the Windsor collection, featuring their first clip-on glasses. To be honest, we’ve always pictured clip-on glasses to be accessories for nerds. We can’t remember the last time we saw somebody using clip-on glasses, but Warby Parker has changed our mind.

We’ve been wanting to expand our collections to include clip-ons for a while now, but wanted to make sure they were introduced in the right way,” says David Gilboa, Warby Parker’s co-founder and co-CEO. “Our new Windsor clip-ons offer a classic silhouette, but the premium leather-wrapped stainless steel injects modern design intelligence. They are both functional and attractive.”

Each pair of the clip-on glasses is wrapped in premium leather and features polarized lenses. Plus, they look really cool. “It’s about being able to modify your favorite frame in a matter of seconds,” says Gilboa. “Clip-ons are the easiest way to look stylish and go back and forth between sun and optical styles.”

Now, thanks to the Warby Parker clip-on sunglasses, we don’t have to switch back and forth between two pairs of glasses — optical lenses and sunglasses. We can just carry around one pair.  Warby Parker, you’ve done it again and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

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