Oliver Spencer x Vulpine Cycling Blazer

Who doesn’t love a piece clothing that can be thrown on for any occasion? Versatile pieces belong in every man’s wardrobe.

British cycling company Vulpine partnered with British men’s designer Oliver Spencer on a good lookin’ limited edition urban cycling blazer. It’s fit for the road and cut with a fine British sensibility. This versatile piece is tailored for the office, but is distinctly comfortable while riding to get there.

Oliver Spencer cut the blazer for an off-the-road tailored look. And it’s contrasting seams and inner-pockets bring attention to small details on the outside of the jacket. Even the functional hidden reflective cuffs have a subtle flare that speaks to Spencer’s out of the box aesthetic. While on the road, showerproof fabric and underarm vent holes are incorporated to protect you from the elements. (Note: The cycling blazer is off-bike cut, according to Vulpine and Oliver Spencer. They recommend going size up if you need more shoulder room to ride.)

The blazer will run you $295, not bad, for an adaptable piece. Pick one up here at Vulpine’s site. Don’t forget to take a look at Oliver Spencer’s other menswear looks and tempt yourself.