Travis Rice, One of Snowboardings Most Influential, on his Career and Style

Jackson, Wyoming’s favorite son has come a long way since first strapping on a snowboard and tackling the steep mountain slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

After winning just about every award, medal, contest, and film credit that a snowboarder can over the last few years, and after developing his own signature collection with Quiksilver, Travis Rice’s name has become synonymous with being one of the best of all-time.

Over a decade into the game, the long-time Quiksilver pro has and continues to progress snowboarding in its entirety. Whether it be continually raising the bar with mind blowing first ever tricks, experimenting with new board technology, or producing and starring in mega-budget snowboarding films, Rice settles for nothing short of exceptional.

With film credits including the award-winning That’s It That’s All, The Art of Flight and his latest multi-year project, THE FOURTH PHASE (out on October 3), Travis is not only pushing snowboarding’s limits, but bringing that progression to the masses.

As for his personal style:

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