Blazing his Own Trail, Thomas J. Carroll Talks Career and Personal Style

Born in the Pacific Northwest and raised with a keen sense of the outdoors while being polished for the venture world,Thomas J. Carroll serves as Chief Investment Officer at Avant Global, a Santa-Barbara based global business advisory firm. He leads the company’s investment strategy in new ventures.

As told to The Manual:

I grew up independent of the influences around me and blazed my own trail. Spent most of my time building projects, exploring the forests and waters that surround us, while also soaking up the penetrating value of now legacy companies that were born in the PNW (Costco, Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, etc.) There is a scent to the air we breathe, crispness to the water we drink, and an acuity in how our minds craft value. I love to lean in and over to see where the horizon is taking shape, playing with innovation and disruption to become a catalyst of creation for what is impossible. Having an imagination at 28 is arguably the greatest gift I am blessed with. Never lose the kid in you.

Thomas J. Carroll

My style speaks to my personality at its core. You can think of me as quick and clean as The Transporter in a tailored suit or a laid back philosophical visionary in my Birkenstocks and Katin cotton shirt from Santa Barbara. I keep my style well defined but am always ready to throw a piece in so to change up the speed of an image. I like being both things at once, I find balance in that.

As for my personal style:

Jeans: Civilianaire 11 OZ Gold Selvage Denim & 3×1 M5 & Filson 

Shirts: Lululemon (cotton or workout), David Donahue, Patagonia, Peter Millar, Gitman Brothers, Filson

Pants: Lululemon Commission Pant, Citizen Gage Classic

 Suits: Don’t wear them unless strictly required (grey or blue Hugo Boss if so)

 Shoes: PF Flyers, Birkenstock Boston Habana, Santoni loafers, or Allen Edmonds

Accessories: Lululemon, hats from resorts, no watches unless swimming in ocean or hiking (Suunto watch).

Outerwear: Patagonia, Kuhl, Brooks Brothers 

Favorite cologne: Tom Ford Noir Extreme 

Favorite app: Sonos

Favorite piece of technology: QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones from Bose

Next style/gear purchase: Venroy (going Aussie style for summer)

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