TGIF Shopping: Face Bomb By Portland General Store

tgif friday finds portland general store face bomb
The temperatures are taking a turn for the worst and the fall/winter winds are not far behind. As winter’s cold air takes its toll on your skin you may want to think about upping your skincare game. If you’re like me, and have sensitive skin this time of year, you’ll want to keep your face protected from the changing weather. All-natural grooming brand Portland General Store (reviewed in August here) has a facial cleanser that is a sure fire way to help your skin survive the Polar Vortex.

Face Bomb is vegan and it doesn’t strip away moisture like other cleansers. Plus it’s not your every day gel or liquid cleanser. It’s actually made up of clay mined in Morocco called rhassoul mud, which is both rich in minerals and anti-bacterial properties.  It has a masculine and rustic smell because the mud is hand blended with sandalwood, wild germanium and Damascus rose. The best part though is the way it exfoliates using ground walnut shells. This helps brighten up your complexion and clean out your pores without damaging them. We’ve heard of several high-end barbershops including this product in their facial services to men coming in for more than a cut. This cleanser requires a little longer scrub and less water as you apply it. Check it out here at Portland General Store’s online store.

$28 for 180ml.

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