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State Bicycle Company debuts its Four Peaks Brewing bicycle collaboration

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As the rest of the country trudges on through winter and its onslaught of rain and snow, the Tempe, Arizona-based State Bicycle Company just released what’s shaping up to be everyone’s next favorite commuter bike. Released as a partnership with the similarly-based Four Peaks Brewing Company, State Bicycle’s deluxe Transporter boasts your run-of-the-mill sturdy steel frame, Mustache handlebars, and chrome spokes and hubs, but features one amazing unique feature: a dedicated beer caddy system. So no more riding with a six-pack by your side or feeding the handles of a plastic bag through your handlebars; State Bicycle’s Transporter has you covered.

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Already a purveyor of a gorgeous lineup of bicycles, State Bicycle’s collaboration with Four Peaks Brewing gives the nearly six-year-old company something to truly hang its hat on. Its keen sense for style shows up not only in the Transporter’s clean frame and fresh saddle, but with the model’s brick red color scheme which plays perfectly off its brown leather. Outside of the basics, however, its Four Peaks’ contributions which set this pedal bike apart from the crowd.


Mentioned above, the Transporter’s beer caddy is about as unique a feature as we’ve seen on a bicycle. Included with any purchased Transporter, buyers get a 65-ounce, custom growler emblazoned with the Four Peaks logo, a walnut leather strap perfect for securing it to the bike’s rear adjustable pannier, and a walnut leather six-pack carrier frame cinch. Even the bike’s front basket has a dedicated drink holder — though we don’t recommend drinking and biking at the same time. There’s also a bottle opener fastened to the frame so that once you begin enjoying your favorite version of nectar, you won’t have to travel far to crack them open.

Currently available via State Bicycle Company’s website, the Transporter is the perfect companion to anyone who enjoys pedaling around town and kicking back some brews. Though most of the country will have to bide their time before taking one of these for a spin, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get one now and just drool over the thing until these wet and soggy days are firmly in the rear view.

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