Bottoms Up: Your Spring Bar Crawl Gear Is Here

spring bar crawl gear stock young people eating brunch

As the weather warms up, is there anything better than grabbing your spring bar crawl gear and hitting the town? Be it hitting up your favorite patio bar or taking in Sunday brunch (and then some), there’s no doubt that you need key style essentials in tow when knocking a few back. For weather that’s crisp and breezy — but changes quickly — transitional gear is key. Of course, handy everyday accessories also enhance your spring bar crawl experience. And it’s your lucky day — we rounded up some excellent picks with the help of our friends at Huckberry for the occasion. Cheers!

Fire Road Marble + Brass Bottle Opener $40


If you’re the type who fancies hitting up a premium craft beer bottle shop or two along your trek, then a refined and functional bottle opener is surprisingly crucial. When everyone else is fumbling with their bottle opener-keychain combos, whip out this bottle opener — it’ll be the talk of the group. And that definitely makes it a worthy addition to any list of spring bar crawl gear.

Huckberry Explorer’s Cap $39.98

Huckberry Explorer’s Cap

Among underrated style upgrades, we humbly submit the simple ballcap. Often adorned with gaudy logos in days gone by, the new ballcap you need for your next spring bar crawl is instead much more subtle, much more stylish, and much more well-made. Get ready to wear it with your favorite pair of sunglasses at plenty of bar crawls all spring long.

Deep Blue Day Night Scuba Watch $449.98

If it’s the type of watch that James Bond might have worn when drinking, then it’s fair game when dressing for everything from Sunday brunch to a bar crawl. The sturdy, tough Deep Blue Scuba Watch h is a handsome, crisp and yet rugged casual watch, accented with an head-turning orange face — pair it with a timeless field jacket and suede Chelsea boots all day long, and know that you’re all set in terms of spring bar crawl gear.

Flint and Tinder Slub Henley in Pewter $58 

Flint and Tinder Slub Henley in Pewter

No matter the season, there’s something about a rugged henley that makes it a go-to style essential. It’s eye-catching, it offers tough style and it looks great with everything from your favorite leather jacket and worn-in denim to a lightweight blazer for high-low style. Of course, that versatility makes it an easy pick for a spring bar crawl — it’s tough, it’s bar-ready and it’s comfortable no matter how long you’re out on the town.

W&P Design Cocktail Tote $128


With the W&P Design Cocktail Tote, you’re really getting a sturdy, functional tote bag for your everyday carry — whether that includes a stylish casual watch or simpler items is up to you. Yet, this tote also comes complete with a full DIY cocktail set, with everything from the shaker to the napkins included. If you frequent BYOB establishments, then here’s your on-the-go bag.