Spiewak Celebrate 110 Years of Uniform and Style

spiewak celebrate 110 years uniform style

Given our ongoing fascination with functional, utilitarian dressing, it is no surprise that Spiewak are so cocky about the timeless appeal of their wares. The Brooklyn-based outerwear brand are so confident, the homepage of their newly designed website reads ‘Developed to weather the test of time’ in gigantic font. Delve a little into their history and that self-pronounced kudos will soon become clear.

The Spiewak Factory, 1904The brand was born in 1904 when Polish immigrant Isaac Spiewak arrived in Brooklyn and proceeded to craft sheepskin vests for the many dockworkers living and working nearby. As Spiewak’s reputation grew, they were selected as the official uniform suppliers for the US Army. Following the flux of jackets and britches issued, Spiewak went on to create their classic naval peacoat, which is still in production today. As WW2 erupted in 1939, the brand stepped up once again but this time when the war reached its end, men continued to wear Spiewak’s military uniforms and flight jackets which is how the brand made the leap from uniform suppliers to everyday fashion.

Today, Spiewak retains its dual appeal of uniformer and fashion brand. As well as designing and manufacturing the official uniforms for US police officers, fire fighters, subway conductors and even Olympians, the fashion conscious average Joe continues to revisit the brand for their smart and sturdy signature pieces.

With a huge rebrand planned for AW14, we can’t wait to see what the label will conquer next. Fingers crossed for Spiewak space suits that we can wear to the office…