Sean John NFL Pre-Draft Style Suite

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The NFL draft announcements are about to be revealed, so The Manual hit up the Sean John NFL Pre-Draft Gifting & Style Suite at the Sean John showroom in New York City where draftees got to check out some baller threads. We met with some of the soon-to-be pro players, and some current pros to discuss their style, their favorite foods, and what they can’t live without. Spoiler alert: fresh underwear and potatoes were high ranking on everyone’s list. Read on to learn more.

Ryan Mundy signed last month with the New York Giants from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Style: Simple. Keep it clean, sometimes patterns, a little splash of color.

Three must haves: iPhone, MacBook, family (my wife and daughter.)

Favorite Meal: Steak, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, asparagus and wine.

Sheldon Richardson (Missouri) / *Sheldon has been drafted by the New York Jets.

Style: SWAG.

Three must haves: Shoes, jeans, a good pair of underwear.

Favorite Meal: Rock Lobster, baked potatoes, lots of greens.

Eric Reid (Louisiana State University) / *Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers.

Style: Bad. (But good at taking advice).

Three must haves: Socks, watches, belts.

Favorite Meal: Grilled chicken, lasagna, corn and mashed potatoes.

Menelik Watson (Florida State University), hails from Manchester, England and says the best part of this whole experience is

getting to play in front of so many people.

Style: James Bond-esque.

Three must haves: Good sneakers, a good leather jacket, earrings.

Favorite Meal: My mom’s chicken and rice, Jamaican style.

EJ Manuel (Florida State University) has been playing football since he was 6 years old, and started playing tackle at 9. Manuel loves the competitive nature of the NFL. “It’s the elite of the elite,” he says. *EJ was selected by the Buffalo Bills yesterday night.

Style: Classy

Three must haves: A pair of Jordans, a pair of clean underwear, Levis jeans.

Favorite Meal: Prime steak (medium), mac and cheese, potatoes.

Stevie Brown – a safety for the New York Giants says he’s been playing football since he was 8 and is living his dream.

Style: Comfort.

Three must haves: Sweats, watches and suits.

Favorite Meal: Surf & Turf. Sweet potato casserole, cream spinach and carrot cake to finish the meal on the right foot.