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Screen Giving You Headaches? Save 15% on Blue Light Glasses Today

If you spend a lot of your day looking at screens whether for work or for pleasure, your eyes can find things a bit of a strain. That’s because such screens expose you to blue light, and while it doesn’t cause permanent damage to your eyes, it can strain them and cause you headaches and other irritants. To avoid this, a pair of Baxter Blue glasses for $75 can filter out the blue light, giving your eyes some protection — and all at 15% off right now. Simply use the code BaxterBlue15 to enjoy the money off as well as benefit from more comfortable sight.

Specifically aimed at blocking out blue light, these glasses are still super stylish. There are lots of different frames to choose from so you can pick from feminine-looking glasses, more masculine styles, or simply something that works for any gender. There are frame styles for different facial shapes too so you’re sure to find something comfortable for you.

Each pair features Baxter Blue’s blue+ light filtering lenses, along with anti-reflective coating, and UV protection. The latter means your eyesight will be more protected when out in the sun too, which is always a big help for keeping safe. On top of that, the lenses help eliminate glare which further enhances your ability to see clearly. Every pair comes with a sturdy glasses case, cleaning cloth, and a 12-month guarantee.

Priced at $89 each, these frames are 15% off if you apply the code BaxterBlue15. In addition, you can also feel like you’re helping someone in need. Baxter Blue has a pair-for-a-pair pledge which means that for each pair sold, it will donate a pair of reading glasses through its partnership with Restoring Vision — giving the life-changing gift of sight to someone in need for free.

With plenty to gain here, you owe it to your eyes to keep them a little happier with these eyestrain-busting blue light filtering frames. The 15% off offer when you use the code BaxterBlue15 is for a limited time only, so get in fast if you want some inexpensive blue light glasses to wear while you work and play in front of a screen.

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