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Take to the Streets in the Reef Spiniker Mid

Reef Spiniker
A classy pair of leather mid-tops is easily the most versatile shoe. It can take you from work, to happy hour, all the way through a fancy dinner.

Normally nice leather shoes can run you hundreds of dollars, and unless you find the perfect pair, there’s no way you’ll find them as comfortable as Reef’s Spiniker.

You might recognize Reef from that pair of flip-flops that haven’t fallen apart even though you’ve taken them to the beach a thousand times. That same essence flows through the Spiniker Mids as well.


Reef’s own Swellular outsole helps provide plenty of cushion while gripping the ground. Inside, you’ll find a pair of injection molded cushions for an extra layer of comfort, and quilted sides that won’t rub or scratch even if you decide to wear shorter socks.

The distressed leathers, on the other hand, are decidedly less beach-bound. They come out of the box bearing some light marks and discoloration, for a worn look that isn’t trying too hard. Ours had a lovely orange gradient near the toebox, and a little scratching. Just enough to make them look lived in. It’s also nice to not have to worry about scuffing or scratching a pair of leather shoes.


While waxed brown laces will probably be the most common, there’s a set of lighter laces in the box for a more summer-focused look. That said, the Spinikers are a solid shoe for any easy-going occasion, from beers and board-shorts to evenings over a nice bottle of wine. It’s hard to find a pair of shoes you can say that about, especially for just $110.

The Spiniker Mid is available from Reef’s store in both light brown — the color pictured above — and a darker brown leather.

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