Ease into Summer with Penfield Clothing

Summer has officially arrived, and it calls for a new wardrobe. We suggest peeking at Penfield for inspiration. Since 1975, the outdoor clothing brand has crafted garments fit for unpredictable the New England weather. Penfield’s clothes “give you warmth in a variety of weather conditions, active comfort without restrictions, and years of superior performance,” the website says.
Found in stores across the United States and worldwide, Penfield products are made with hardy materials: densely woven wax cloth, tough nylon and Thermolite fabric to ward off the cold.
For the summer, we’re looking at the lightweight cotton T-shirts ($40-$60) and boldly printed shorts ($60-$80). The water-resistant hooded jackets ($115) will keep you dry during a sudden rain shower. So go ahead, stock up and head outdoors in style.