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The Manual Wind: Zenith Synopsis

manual wind zenith synopsis el primero
Zenith-ElPrimero-Synopsis-gold-dialWhen shopping for a timepiece there are always tough choices.  Unlike the auto industry, where their are only so many cars per segment, the watch industry is flooded with options.  One of the toughest watches to decide on is a dress piece.  Classic and simple, a dress watch can only variate so much.  One brand that has shown its horological chops as well as maintained affordability in this segment is Zenith.

At the ideal modern dress size of 40mm, Zenith’s standout release from Basel 2014 is the Synopsis.  Keeping its design to two hands and a seconds tri-hand subdial, the Synopsis has dropped right into the dress watch segment, but with a twist.  Exposed is the beating heart of the famous El Primero chronograph movement.

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Zenith-ElPrimero-Synopsis-steel-strapThe El Primero is regarded as one-of if not the best chronograph movement on the market.  Zenith has taken their flagship chronograph and removed the chronograph.  Still beating at a healthy 36,000bpm, the start, stop, and counter function of the chronograph has been removed leaving only the beauty of its exposed movement window and famed accuracy.  This clears the dial of clutter aside from the prominent exposed movement which gives this piece the appearance of a high priced tourbillon.

Zenith-ElPrimero-Synopsis-detailThe Synopsis is offered in a rose gold case as well as stainless steel and can be paired with both a crocodile strap or metal bracelet.  This piece is a horophiles dream.  Purist movement, exhibition case back and exposed escapement, well sized, and well priced.  When choosing a dress watch, we no longer have to pick a brand name to have atop a plain dial.  The Synopsis is a standout offered with no sacrifice.

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The Manual Wind: Tudor Black Bay Bronze
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

If you frequent The Manual Wind, it is apparent that I am a Tudor fan.  The Tudor Pelagos and the Black Bay are two of the best watches on the market. Quality, attention to detail, classic design, and, of course, value brings it home for me. Tudor’s obvious bread winner, the Black Bay, has slowly progressed from an individual watch to an entire lineup. This year Tudor really fertilized this Black Bay family tree. Two new additions and an update were introduced, one being their new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze that I was fortunate enough to get my hands on. They are still quite hard to find, barely hitting the dealer showcases, and with good reason. This timepiece is awesome.

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The Manual Wind: Bulgari’s World Traveling Hora Domus Time Zone
Bulgari Hora Dumas Dual Timezone

Complication can look, well complicated.  Some watch aficionados like the cluttered, over the top look of a complicated watch; it looks more interesting on the wrist perhaps (and is certainly a conversation starter).  But the real challenge when designing a complicated watch is to make it legible and clean.  Bulgari is not known for over designed watches, but since acquiring two brands, Gerald Genta and Daniel Roth, they have delved into this realm head first.  It has been a while since we saw a new piece in the classic Daniel Roth squared-off circle case.  Their latest, the Bulgari Hora Dumas Dual Timezone, is both simple and complicated.

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The Manual Wind: The IWC Spitfire Chronograph British Film Festival Limited Edition
IWC Spitfire, blue steel, british film institute limited edition

Limited edition timepieces are starting to rub people the wrong way. Brands are pumping out limited editions with the only difference being a subtle change in the coloration of the dial for some of their most popular pieces. Consensus among collectors is resoundingly negative, since each limited edition quickly trumps the previous and devalues others. This holds true until a well-designed limited edition timepiece that can be celebrated hits the market.

IWC is a brand guilty of this limited edition production practice, though not as flagrantly as some, like Hublot or Audemars Piguet. It’s latest limited edition, the IWC Pilot Spitfire Chronograph BFI (British Film Institute), takes the ever popular blue steel accents and makes it the piece’s focal point.

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