The Manual Wind: Fossil Del Rey Chronograph

manual wind fossil del rey chronograph fdelr1
fdelr2It is very hard to reinvent the wheel.  The same goes for certain aspects of the timepiece.  Technology and design are constantly improving and changing but for the most part, the timepiece looks the same.  A unique design will often make a lot of noise to enthusiasts and without fail, if enough noise is made, copied.  One brand known for offering others designs, as well as their own, is Fossil.  This well known brand, known for its affordable quartz timepieces, has taken the classic bull-head design and made one of their own.

FSSCMensWatchesCollectionsDelRayThe Fossil Del Rey Chronograph takes the bull-head case shape, a 43mm stainless round case with the crown and pushers located at the 12 o’clock, and Fossil-izes it.  This quartz chronograph is decorated with a cream and blue dial with orange accents.  An orange chrono second hand matches an orange start/stop pusher on the case for a sporty accent.  Attached is a perforated brown calf leather strap to complete this classic casual look.

What makes this pieces so great is its price for look.  Brands with bull-head cases include Omega and Tag Heuer; two of the most recognizable brands in the world.  One thing that comes with notoriety is a price tag.  With both of the pieces from these respective brands in the five to six thousand range, a bull-head design does not make it to the top of a wish list.  At a Fossil-like price of $175, this piece is a great unique addition for any enthusiast.  The high end collector still might not want to spend the big bucks and the watch fan might not have it to spend.  Fossil has chosen a great design to remake as its own.

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