Just Incase

Certain products make our lives more efficient or better.  Incase does both.  This San Francisco based firm believes in “a better experience through good design”, and we here at The Manual, couldn’t agree more.

Plainly said, InCase has something for everybody.  Their bags, in addition to their mobile phone and tablet cases, make getting to the gym or away for a weekend, that much cooler.  They also stock a variety of chargers and colorful cables, so that you can always identify yours in the pile at the office, or at a friend’s house (you know that pile in a friend’s living room at a party).

Creative Director of Incase, Moses Aipa, grew up in Hawaii, where he attended one of the nation’s finest schools, Kamehameha.  Upon graduating with a joint-degree from University of San Francisco/California College of Arts, it’s no surprise that Moses is designing some of the most functional, yet form-forward products in the market today.

Most well known for their designs for all of your Apple products, they have also become quite well known for their recent collaborations with Warhol, Stussy, and Paul Rodriguez.

They also have a great new campaign called ‘RELEAFED’ where you can send in your old iPhone case and get $15 towards the purchase of a new one.

From artists work, bold colors or sleek tone-on-tone accessories, your options to express yourself with your tech gadgets, to a bag for a weekend getaways, are far more than just black.

To see all that Incase has to offer, check out their website InCase.