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Jimmy Lion Will Rock Your Socks

jimmy lion will rock your socks
Fall is here and Jimmy Lion is about to rock your socks! What better way to show keep your feet nice and toasty in the soon to be brisk weather than with some stylish, out of the box socks? Jimmy Lion is a new start-up based in the Big Apple – and they’re taking on the sock industry one foot at a time.

The brand started out as a project between two friends who were obsessed with well made products. The company was founded to give consumers an alternative to all of the overpriced socks out there. Premium quality and great design without breaking the bank. We like where this is going.

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These socks are made of soft, combed cotton, free of seams and finished by hand. There is even a “hand-linked” toe for extra comfort. Designs range from monkeys, skulls, waves, raindrops and lightening bolts – even “Miami Vice” for that upcoming trip to South Beach. And while these dress socks are playful and fun, they’re not too loud – making them perfect for the office.

If you’re not a “prints” guy, then you can go with the solids and the stripes – but where’s the fun in that? So put a little roar in your step and check out the whole Jimmy Lion collection over at their website

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