How to Wear a Hat

how to wear a hat
Wearing a hat seems like one of the simplest things you can do, right?

As it turns out, wearing a hat involves more than just pulling a cap off a rack and breaking in the bill. Learning how to wear a hat properly can do wonders for your style and help you make a positive impression.

The first step, of course, is to find a classic hat that you can wear to the office or on a big night out.

cameron cream We spoke to hat maker Rod Keenan, who has been in business for 20 years and made hats for everyone from Brad Pitt to Snoop Dog and Elvis Costello. Each of his hats is hand made in his Harlem studio, and clients can come in for custom orders or buy online.

Here are some of his tips on how to find a well-fitted fedora:

How to wear a hat:

Your hat should be tight enough to stay on your head, but not so tight as to leave a mark on your forehead.  A hat should sit approximately one inch above the eyebrow.


Brim proportions:

Are you going to be driving while wearing the hat? You would want a smaller brim. Playing golf or spending an afternoon at the races? You want a broader brim to keep the glare down.

Seasonal options:

Spring/Summer–Straw hats are the way to go.

Fall/Winter–Go for a fur felt or a cashmere.


If you get caught in the rain:

Let the hat thoroughly dry before touching it again. Use a suede brush after it is dry to even out the texture. If you bought your hat from a milliner, have it re-blocked to keep its shape.

The practical purposes of a hat: 

A good hat is a most excellent accessory for just about any outfit. Want to keep cool? Wear a straw hat that is vented. Want to keep warm? Wear a cashmere or beaver hat (About 45% of your body heat can be lost through the head, so keep that hat on during the winter months!). Learning how to wear a hat can keep you cozy, help prevent sunburn, keep the sun out of your eyes, and keep you looking fly.

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