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Go Westerlind, Young Man

Talk about the ultimate site to shop some well curated indie brands. Think of it as the intersection where technical outdoor gear and apparel meet a style-minded store. The brands showcased are known for their forward-thinking design, functionality and style including: Jungmaven, Makr, Scout, Stutterhheim and Aigle. The sites approach is to inspire through a thoughtful offering and a left-of-center attitude.

This place harkens back to a general store, where you could find just about anything: unique teas, tents, liquid and bar soap, cabin spray, wool blankets, headlamps, hip flasks, and of course, hatchets and axes. From outerwear, to shirts and sweaters for layering in the upcoming colder weather, to great pants to all-utilitarian bags, you can find almost everything here.  Their point of view is definitely laid-back cool combined with function.

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One interesting addition to the usual site is that you can opt to shop by your favorite activities: Camp, Hike, Travel, Sail and City.

The urban nomad and uber-outdoor enthusiast might tap into Westerland equally. The Manual thinks that no matter you’re hunting for, this is one solid place to start.

Click here to explore everything that is Westerlind

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