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Filling Pieces’ new collection tells the brand’s history

While other brands are preparing for a spring and summer full of bright colors and light suedes, Amsterdam-based Filling Pieces is taking a more subtle approach to the warmer months. Since its founding in 2009, Filling Pieces has come a long way, and the Metamorphosis collection celebrates the transformation and development of a style.

The second half of the Metamorphosis lookbook relies instead of perforated mesh and suede, with mostly tonal whites and black, and just a hint of color to spice things up. These colors tend to show up in the form of gradient dye jobs and simple patterns, adding to the simplicity and retrospectiveness of the brand’s life.

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As always, Filling Pieces doesn’t skimp on the high-quality materials. Only the finest Nubuck and leather adorn the uppers of the shoes, in a selection of simple looks that stand out in a crowded sneaker market.

The soles, while offered in a variety of patterns and colors, are all custom designed by Filling Pieces for a number of purposes. In addition to the modern Ghost outsole, Filling Pieces has been rolling out new sole styles for the Metamorphosis collection, some of which make an appearance in the lookbook.

And it’s not just the materials that are premium. The shoes are handmade in Portugal for a serious level of quality that can’t be reproduced anywhere. Despite that effort, the shoes from Filling Pieces keep relatively affordable prices, which will delight sneakerheads that are trying to stay fresh without breaking the bank.

If you’d like to see the entire second third of the Metamorphosis collection, Filling Pieces has a vast lookbook to flip through, as well as a link to the store. There’s also a third drop in the collection that has yet to emerge, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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