Feel Good Friday – Ministry of Supply

When a menswear brand is birthed at MIT we take notice. Ministry of Supply was launched in 2012 with the mission to ‘invent the future of business apparel.’ There are engineers, designers and material scientists all on board to make the best shirt for you to wear to work and feel damn good.

Thermal Analysis:

These guys use heat mapping to create a garment that manages your body heat as best it can.

Aerospace Engineering:

We all are not built the same, so why use one fit model to design a shirt for a plethora of fellas? Ministry of Supply uses Photogrammetric Strain Analysis to understand how the body moves and to make a shirt that will work for all.

Innovative Materials:

Here is where the ‘feel good’ part comes in. They use recycled polyester for their Apollo shirt and spent coffee grounds for their Atlas socks. Yep, you heard that right. Coffee has buckets of carbon in it so it binds to odor molecules to reduce, well, odor.

Atlas Socks
Atlas Socks

There is also abrasion resistant fabric in their Aviator Chinos and wrinkle free fabric in their Archive dress shirt. Oh, and their Apollo 2 Dress Shirt features NASA PCM which is the same heat control they use in space suits.

Ministry of Supply donates to Career Gear, contributing high-quality items from the company’s line of performance professional products. Ministry of Supply’s goal is to help men looking to enter the workforce use these stylish products to build their professional wardrobe and look great in interviews as they work to advance their careers.

Atmos Tee
Atmos Tee

While the company doesn’t offer a full range yet: button downs, tees, a chino and socks for now, we know that these kids are toiling in the lab to make the most high tech suit out there. We can’t wait.

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