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Lucrative End-of-Summer Sales for Frugal Gentlemen

end of summer sales
Though it’s hard to admit, summer is quickly coming to a close. Instead of lamenting the dying of the light, we urge you rage against it by picking up affordable, last-minute articles of summer clothing. Here are a few of our favorite men’s brands that are currently engaged in excellent end-of-summer sales.

Rhone — Back to School Bundlerhone

Rhone makes an excellent line of activewear for men of all ages. With the new school year looming, Rhone is offering a real bargain on their tops, bottoms, and socks. In you opt for the Back to School Bundle, you can select one top (t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt), one pair of bottoms (shorts or pants), and one pair of socks, then enter the code “BUNDLE” for an advantageous deal. Of course, you don’t actually have to be enrolled in class to take advantage of the Back to School Bundle.

Haspel — up to 50% offhaspel

We’re big fans of Haspel at The Manual — particularly their iconic seersucker suits. Right now they’re in the midst of a summer clearance sale, with a 50% price cut on many of their long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, and shorts. They also offer reasonable prices for their legendary seersucker pants and jackets. Buying excellent summerwear from Haspel now is a great way to save up for next summer. Many of their discount clothes work just fine for fall and winter, too.  

Rogue Territory Jeans — up to 30% offrogue territory

Once fall rolls around, you’ll start seeing jeans a lot more. In anticipation of jean season, Rogue Territory has cut prices by up to 30%. Among the jeans for sale are their Graphite Wash and Greyscale Wash pairs. If you’re more of a blue jeans fella, you might go for the fine-looking Desert Wash jeans. Based in Los Angeles, Rogue Territory is known for making high-quality, hand-crafted jeans. If you need a good new pair of jeans in your wardrobe, now is a good time to jump.

Mr. Elk — up to 40% offelk

Elk is an Australian-based company, which means their summer sales are really more like winter sales. Regardless of hemispherical differences, Elk is cutting prices on their products by as much as 40%. Mr. Elk, the menswear branch of the company, is offering great deals on pajamas, bags, wallets, and cufflinks. We like Elk because they work closely with UNICEF and GO GREEN — and we’re all about businesses that are trying to make a positive impact in the world.

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TOMS — up to 40% off TOMS

TOMS is an outstanding company best known for their “One for One” initiative — for every item you purchase, TOMS provides help to an individual in need. For example, if you buy one pair of shoes, TOMS will donate a pair to a shoeless child somewhere in the world. Thanks to a generous summer sale, you can now get a pair of shoes for yourself and a stranger in need for a super-low price. TOMS is also selling discount t-shirts and hoodies.

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