Brenthaven –The Ultimate in Form & Function

When Brenthaven began making wilderness packs over 30 years ago, their products were aimed at explorers and adventurers.  Now the way we explore and seek adventure has evolved. Today, they craft their bags, and more, to survive the rigors of our active lives and digital lifestyles.

Their new collection named Collins is a true pairing of form and function. This collection with it’s oxford grey exterior and buttoned-up grey and white ticking striped interior, eliminates that awkward feeling of walking into a business meeting sporting a very collegiate backpack. This very dressed-up take on a backpack not only looks awesome, but is the ultimate in functionality.

After taking their convertible backpack on a test-drive for the past few weeks, we are big fans of the five exterior pockets (one to slide in the partly detachable shoulder straps) and three interior pockets, as well as white ticked interior that is inside is so bright you can actually see everything.  One of the pockets is padded for a laptop, another for a tablet, and finally, one for your cell phone/glasses. The black zipper across the top glides like a speed skater, and keeps everything neatly inside. Bonus points: This backpack converts to a tote bag and sits up-right for easy access, so it’s actually, two bags in one. No more lifeless backpacks for meetings #ever.

The Manual asked the Creative Director of Brenthaven, Timm Fenton, about his design point of view for the Collins collection:

Tell us what inspired you to create this collection.

The Collins collection aesthetic represents a level of sophistication that is comfortable to wear and carry everyday.  The design direction was inspired by ready to wear fabrics and provides a high durability while maintaining a soft hand feel.  The chambray fabric weave denotes a subtle two-tone effect that is enhanced through the deep grey coupled with the black trim appointments.

What are some of the aspects of the collection that are unique?

The natural interior ticking is in high color contrast to the dark exterior which allows the consumer to organize and visualize their mobile tech accessories.  The Collins collection demonstrates Brenthaven’s commitment to serving the needs of the urban entrepreneur who appreciates great design, functionality and high quality.

As for the brand history, in 1980, a bearded, Brent Harris established Brentley Softpacks, in Bellingham, Washington. Then in 1994, they rebranded to Brenthaven, and went from outdoor packs to bags that were more aligned to carry laptops, but still have a retail store in Bellingham.  The brand is also sold in Apple stores across the U.S. and via their website.

Check out the Convertible backpack and other bags from the Collins collection