Best Cleaner for your Sneakers: Jason Markk

best cleaner sneakers jason markk quick wipes

Founded in 2007, Jason Markk became an overnight hit among sneakerheads as the go-to cleaner for kicks. Now the LA-based company, whose products safely clean and treat even the most precious-made sneakers on the planet, is set to take the footwear industry by storm once again with its simple but brilliant disposable wipes, so you can carry them everywhere you go and keep your sneaks looking immaculate.

Entrepreneur Jason Angsuvarn reveals that the Quick Wipes ($11) are a quicker-drying version of the original cleaning solution formula offered in his bestselling kits. The wipe itself is also two-sided, with one side designed with little dots to help scrub away tougher stains and dirt and the other smoother for more precious surfaces.

“There’s nothing like it on the market now,” Angsuvarn says, adding that each wipe is durable enough to get through three pairs of shoes. He also explains that while hand wipes most often come in a tub that might make for cumbersome holding, Quick Wipes are packaged individually for convenient transporting to work or the club and sold in a pack of 12.

Additional plans for the company include new minimalist packaging for its sneaker kits and several new shop and media collaborations in the coming months. Most significantly, however, the company will be expanding with a new wordplay-inspired collection of tees comprising riffs on street slang such as “butter,” “tuff,” “rare” and “beast.” Says Angsuvarn of their ’90s graphic skate, fresh-again vibe, “We just saw a lot of apparel in our culture taking a serious tone, with blaring graphics and fonts. We just wanted to go the other direction and have fun with it.”