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TGIF Shopping: AETHER Apparel Teams With SALT Premium Eyewear On Killer Collab

Two Southern California based companies, AETHER Apparel and SALT premium eyewear, have joined forces to create a dazzling sunglass collaboration.

Created with a motorcycle rider in mind, the limited edition, first-of-their-kind line of sunglasses were constructed specifically to solve the two most important optical issues for active guys: comfort and optical clarity.

“When we came together, we spent a year on the concept,” says AETHER co-founder Jonah Smith. “We wanted to make sure it was a truly special product that neither company could make on its own.”

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Two frames are being offered: the SCOUT and the EXPLORER. Both feature lightweight, beta-titanium frames and nearly unbreakable temples flexible enough to be easily taken on and off while wearing a helmet–or for acting out scenarios in which you’re cool enough to own a motorcycle.

Additionally, titanium nose pads help keep the glasses in place, avoiding slippage while providing a comfortable, secure fit that won’t have you readjusting them every two seconds.

Proving these frames are made for nobody less than a true baller, both pairs feature calibrated side shields (with holes to ensure peripheral vision is not obstructed) as well as an extended frame-top which reduces wind flow and peripheral sunlight by up to 80%

“I think the standout would have to be the side shields,” Smith reveals. “They’re incredibly functional if you ride motorcycles but really work anywhere where wind is a factor.”

The SCOUT includes a photochromic filter which automatically adjusts to suit varying light conditions, while the EXPLORER includes a scratch-proof mirror coating to further increase glare blockage.

As for glare? None here. The frames feature polarized film to block that out. Think: Cyclops.

Both priced at $600, there are two different lens options available for both frames: Photo/Polarized and Inner/Mirror Polarized as well as 3 lens colors (G15, brown, grey) that combine for a total of 4 lens color options.

AETHER X SALT frames can be purchased at

Salt. + Aether from Aether Apparel on Vimeo.

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