From Dubai to Dallas, How Kevin Lavelle Makes Shirts Men Need

Today we speak to Kevin Lavelle, the founder of menswear brand, Mizzen + Main.

I started Mizzen+Main four and a half years ago to bring advanced performance fabrics to traditional menswear. Our first signature product, the world’s first performance fabric dress shirt, changed the way men think about this staple of their wardrobe. We’ve grown 4x every year and while primarily an e-commerce business, you can find Mizzen+Main stocked in 300 retail locations around the United States and United Kingdom.

I grew up in Florida and went to Southern Methodist University in Texas. After working in the Middle East as a management consultant, I came back to Texas to work for an energy investment group. The idea for the performance fabric dress shirt stayed with me from the time I watched a guy run into a building soaked in sweat as a college intern in Washington DC. I launched Mizzen+Main in July 2012. Our team is now 20 strong based in Dallas.


Mizzen+Main Abrams Denim (out of stock)


Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts and Henleys!


Montauk Dress Shirt

Mohican Taupe Henley


Mizzen+Main Chinos (ok this might not be fair up front!)



If I’m not wearing Mizzen+Main, I go to Bonobos


Knot Standard custom


Wolf & Shepherd

Allen Edmonds


I’m not big on accessories, but I do love a great watch.

The Black Blizzard by Shinola


Cole Haan Moto Leather Jacket

Favorite cologne:

I’ve never been a cologne user!

Favorite app:

Spark Email app – the best email app I’ve ever used. Keeps me sane.

Favorite piece of technology:

My iPhone – I can do so much from it in running a business. I love it.

Next style/gear purchase: 

I’ve wanted a Tesla since the first time I saw one – keeping my eye on it for sometime down the road!

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