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What Channel is the Masters on Today? Watch the Final Round Live

The competition at the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament is wrapping up, and with so many different TV networks and streaming services out there nowadays, you’re probably wondering where you can settle in and best enjoy the final round of the legendary golf event. The worldwide leader in sports, ESPN, or course is providing coverage of The Masters, as is its traditional broadcaster, CBS. These are the two main services covering The Masters as it rolls on to the Green Jacket Ceremony this evening. Here’s what channel the Masters is on today, and how to tune in live right now.

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With all of its years of experience broadcasting live sports, ESPN is providing great coverage of the 2022 Masters Tournament. Live coverage is taking place on the TV network itself through Friday, and more in-depth coverage is available through ESPN’s standalone streaming service, ESPN+. ESPN’s coverage allows you to watch The Masters at home on a big-screen TV, and an ESPN+ subscription gets you streaming access, and allows you to watch on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or smart TV. ESPN+ is available as a standalone subscription for just $7 per month, and as part of the Disney+ Bundle for $14 per month.

CBS is the longtime broadcaster of The Masters, and it too is providing great coverage of the event. In addition to its regular cable and over-the-air broadcast of the tournament, CBS also provides streaming coverage through its Paramount+ subscription service. With a Paramount+ subscription you’ll get access to more sweeping coverage, as well as previews, insights, interviews, and updates. Paramount+ subscriptions start at just $5 per month, and if you prefer your Masters experience to be ad-free, a Premium Paramount+ subscription is just $10 per month.

With so much history in the air and with so much new history potentially being made at Augusta National, you’ll want the most in-depth coverage you can get your hands on. We highly recommend ESPN+ as the way to watch through ESPN, and highly recommend Paramount+ as the way to watch through CBS. The streaming platforms will give you all sorts of additional access, as well as the ability to watch The Masters on any device you prefer, wherever you may be while the events are unfolding. So whether you’re lounging in your recliner, stuck at work, or out on the links yourself, you won’t miss a moment of the 2022 Masters with an ESPN+ or Paramount+ subscription.

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