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Watch The Greatest Showman Online: Stream the Musical Now

The hit musical The Greatest Showman has landed on Disney+, giving streamers the chance to watch this unique re-imagining of the story of aspiring entertainer and visionary P.T. Barnum in his ambitious quest to awe audiences around the globe by creating “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The film is the directorial debut of Michael Gracey and stars Hugh Jackman in the lead role, and if you’re looking to stream The Greatest Showman online, then now’s the perfect time to sign up for Disney+.

Director: Michael Gracey
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya
Release Date: December 2017
Run Time: 1 hour, 46 minutes

How to Watch The Greatest Showman Online

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The Greatest Showman was released in 2017 and is now available for online viewing on Disney+. This premium streaming app is home to everything that falls under the Disney umbrella, from classic animated movies to new and exclusive shows like The Mandalorian and Loki. It’s a must-have for fans of all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, with a huge library that has new content added to it each month. Disney+ subscribers can even enjoy streaming access to new movies as soon as they hit theaters with Disney Premier Access.

The Greatest Showman is a fictionalized musical re-telling of the story of P.T. Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman), an entertainer and founder of Barnum’s American Museum and the Barnum & Bailey Circus. The film features an award-winning original soundtrack and follows Barnum on his quest to create “The Greatest Show on Earth” with the help of his wife Charity (Michelle Williams), playwright Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron), and his crew of performers that includes trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) and Swedish singer Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson). The movie also features some of Barnum’s famous “freak” performers like the real-life dwarf entertainer General Tom Thumb (Sam Humphrey) and a fictional bearded lady, Lettie Lutz (Keala Settle).


The original soundtrack for The Greatest Showman won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for This Is Me as well as the Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, and the movie itself is the fifth-highest grossing live-action musical of all time. If you have yet to experience this imaginative story for yourself, then you can now stream it online by signing up for Disney+ for $8 per month or a cheaper $80 per year. However, we recommend that you upgrade to the Disney Bundle and get Disney+, ad-supported Hulu, and ESPN+ for $14 per month, saving you 25%.

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