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Is Disney+ Worth It? What You Need to Know About the Streaming Service

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Everyone’s talking about Disney+ right now and for good reason — it’s one of the best value streaming services available. If you’re still wondering ‘is Disney+ worth it?’, we’re here to explain all about the streaming service and pin down some great reasons to hit the subscribe button.

What Is Disney+?

Disney+ is Disney’s streaming service. It launched in November 2019 and it’s gone from strength to strength since then, offering a vast wealth of classic and original content. Thanks to Disney owning franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars, it goes much further than solely offering Disney shows and movies, content from National Geographic also bundled in.

How Much Does It Cost?

Disney+ costs $7 per month or $70 for an annual subscription. Users can also opt for the Disney+ Bundle which costs $13 per month and gives you Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $5 less per month than if you subscribed to the services individually. There’s currently no Disney+ free trial available.

What Do You Get for the Price?

For the price, you truly get a ton of great content. Disney+ is the home of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars franchise, all things Pixar, and — of course — all things Disney.

Through the service, you can easily watch your way through every single Marvel movie there is before switching up to spin-offs like WandaVision and the latest original show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Similarly, you can dive into the nostalgia of watching all your favorite Disney movies from your childhood before watching the latest movies like Soul. Movies like Raya and the Last Dragon are also currently available via Disney+’s Premier Access service where you pay $30 to watch a movie before it launches on the streaming service. It’s kind of like going to the movie theater from your home with Raya and the Last Dragon launching for free in June.

Disney+ is also the home of The Simpsons with over 660 episodes of the show available to binge-watch so you won’t run out of options any time soon. The latest episodes are added regularly too.

The Highlights of Disney+

We regularly check in on Disney+ and update our best movies on Disney+ list along with the best shows on Disney+ right now too. They’re both great places to check out the highlights of the streaming service.

We’d strongly recommend new shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Disney+ is the only place you can watch these and they’re fantastic additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As well as that, Disney+ is the place to be to watch Hamilton — the smash-hit Broadway musical that’s sure to have you gripped.

Elsewhere, you can’t beat losing yourself to a catch-up of all your childhood favorites or showing them all to your own little ones. The majority of Disney movies are available here from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves right up to Frozen 2.

Love Star Wars? You can watch all the movies here including spin-offs like Solo and Rogue One. Best of all, there’s The Mandalorian which is sure to hook you as a great extension of the Star Wars universe.

Finally, don’t forget about The Simpsons. With 32 seasons and counting, you truly aren’t going to run out of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family any time soon.

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