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Watch MFC 13 Online: Live Stream Kickboxing Today

MFC 13 Kickboxing

Today at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT, fight fans can look forward to an exciting evening of kickboxing with MMAX Fighting Championships hosting a whopping 15-bout card at the River Valley Combat Academy in Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you’re jonesing for some martial arts action and watching the UFC isn’t enough for you to get your fix, then read on, because we’ve got everything you need to know about how to watch MFC 13 online with

MMAX Fighting Championships is a younger fighting league compared to others like Bellator and the UFC, making it a great place to find lesser-known and up-and-coming talent in the wider world of MMA. MFC 13 features 30 combatants on its fight card (you can check out the whole lineup below), including names like Bellator veteran Daniel Carey. With 15 fights scheduled, it’s sure to be a long night of bloody kickboxing action in the cage.

How to Watch MFC 13 Kickboxing Online in the U.S.

ESPN+ may have the market cornered on UFC fights, but is where you’ll find just about everything else. This online streaming platform is home to a dizzying array of boxing, wrestling, and MMA promotions along with other sports like motocross, horse racing, soccer, and even medieval jousting (and no, that’s not a joke). is also the exclusive place to watch MFC 13 kickboxing online today, and there’s still time to buy the MFC 13 pay-per-view for just $20 so you can stream it live. Best of all? No paid subscription is needed to sign up for — just create your free account, buy the MFC 13 PPV ticket, and start streaming it right away.

MFC 13 Kickboxing Fight Card

  • Clarence Brown vs. Daniel Carey
  • Brennan Mckisik vs. Micheal Senf
  • Deshawn Henson vs. Alex Foster
  • Dante Johnson vs. Chasen Umholtz
  • Zac Motsinger vs. Cameron Veales
  • Haven Cook vs. Kentarious Smith
  • Wolfgang Rogers vs. Zac Moore
  • Katie Burton vs. Maralyn Or
  • Eric De Lao vs. Thomas Gregory
  • Krista Camarillo vs. Telena Willhite
  • Kallie Crumbie vs. Kaitlen Ramirez
  • Jeffery Vong vs. Isaac Lim
  • Jessie Terry vs. Holly Harvell
  • Bradley Shelton vs. Levi Bennet
  • Dakota Hall vs. Tristan Zinn

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