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Order Up an Exclusive October Scare, The Best of Dark Terrors

Subterranean Press

Looking for something to keep you up at night? How about a story about a serial killer searching for the perfect mother? Or a tale of a cursed couple, haunted by their unborn children?

Between 1995 and 2002, Dark Terrors: The Gollancz Book of Horror, was Britain’s premier anthology of original horror stories. These stories bit with teeth and scratched with nails, and even when they missed, they left a glancing mark. They’re also now available as The Best of Dark Terrors. Subterranean Press collects together twenty of the most memorable stories from the original books in a new collection. 

Over six volumes, Gollancz established itself as a cutting-edge corner for some of the most literary and disturbing fiction being produced on either side of the Atlantic. The horror anthology series published some of the biggest names in the field and launched many newcomers who forged their own impressive careers in the genre.

In Poppy Z. Brite’s disturbing Self-Made Man, for instance, a serial killer’s nocturnal activities warp the fabric of reality. Gwyneth Jones proves that some of the worst ghosts come from beyond the veil of death in Destroyer of Worlds. And Lisa Tuttle’s My Pathology combines unbound mad science with pregnancy in a body-horror spectacle. Each of The Best of Dark Terrors share distinct narratives delivered on the tenor of dangerous unpredictability.

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Dark Terrors established itself as a vanguard for some of the most literary and disturbing fiction being produced — a hair-raising collection comprising some of the finest horror and dark fantasy.  Edited by the World Fantasy Award winners Stephen Jones and David A. Sutton, the terrible tales now also contain editorial reminiscences and thoughts from the original publisher, Jo Fletcher, as well as a bonus index details dark authors and their work. 

This showcase anthology of the very best in horror and dark fantasy by modern masters of the macabre is available now from Subterranean Press in two versions: a limited-to-250 leather bound books, signed by all living contributors — $150 — and a clothbound hardcover trade edition for $45;

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