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Easy to Assemble, the PONS Bed Frame Charges Your Devices While You Sleep

As much as we hate to admit it, we rely on our smartphones to the point where we sleep next to them, looking at them as soon as we wake up. One survey from 2015 revealed that a whopping 71 percent of Americans sleep with or next to their mobile phone. Might as well keep it charged, right? The folks at PONS have designed a bed frame that comes with built-in USB plugs. “We came up with the idea for PONS because we wanted to solve a real problem: the tedious, irritating process of buying, assembling and enjoying a great bed,” said Gary Heiman, the CEO of PONS’s parent company, Standard Textile.

Forget complicated directions and strange tools, the PONS bed frame is very easy to assemble. While PONS says that it only takes five minutes to make, it took us around 15 minutes, which is still impressive. Once the bed frame is put together, simply plug in the cord to a wall outlet, and now you have all the power you need to get you through a full night’s sleep and into the next day. “Four integrated USB ports with touch-enabled lights in the PONS bed frame allows you to easily recharge while you rest,” said Heiman.

The bed frame is constructed with premium hardwoods and it comes in three hues—Driftwood, Acacia and Black. “Recognizing today’s busy consumers, who may move frequently, the design concept for PONS leverages technology and engineering to create a high-end sleep experience that ships fast and free, and comes together in minutes,” said Heiman.

So not only is the PONS bed frame convenient, it adds a high-end and technologically-savvy touch to any bedroom. We highly recommend it. (We also recommend topping the bed on the PONS bed frame with The Company Store bedding.)

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