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Mr. and Mrs. Smith season 2: Everything we know so far

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Amazon Prime Video

The future of Amazon Prime Video’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith adaptation is very much up in the air. The series, which debuted in 2024 and stars Maya Erskine and Donald Glover, follows their characters as they assume the identity of a married couple but are actually contracted spies who go on missions together.

The end of season 1 left the show’s future very much up in the air, but reporting suggests that a second season is coming. Here’s what we know about what that second season might include:

Who is in the cast of season 2 of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Donald Glover & Maya Erskine on Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Season 1 Cliffhanger & Casting Their Moms

That’s one of the major questions. A second season of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was confirmed in May, but at the time, reporting from Variety suggested that Erskine and Glover would not be returning as the leads. Glover would still have been credited as an executive producer and co-creator on the series, but the show’s second season would essentially be a soft reboot, following a different couple who were paired together the same way Erskine and Glover’s characters are.

As Glover and Erskine promote the first season, though, they’ve been more coy about the potential of returning for season 2. When they were on Jimmy Kimmel together, Kimmel asked them about the cliffhanger that ends the first season, in which their characters may or may not be killed after failing three missions. Kimmel wanted to know whether they would be back.

“It’ll be more fun if you see the second season. You know, you wanna wait,” Erskine said, refusing to say definitively.

“Not if you’re not in it, it won’t be fun. It’d be the opposite of fun,” Kimmel replied.

Glover then offered a definitive non-answer. “Who says we’re not in it? Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t,” he said.

During a Variety moderated Q&A that evening, they addressed the cliffhanger again.

“Are we dead? That’s such a good question and, also, this is the right time to answer that, finally,” Glover said. “We’re going to spill it, tonight,” Erskine added.

“I’m just kidding, we’re not going to answer that,” Glover continued. “I feel bad because you were like, ‘Yeah, do it,’ but nope. We worked really hard on that ending.”

He added that the ambiguity only made the ending richer, in his view.”If we told you exactly what was happening, it would just ruin it,” he said. “It feels exactly like ‘This is America’ [his 2018 smash hit song]. People were like, ‘What does it mean?’ I was like, ‘You really want me to just ruin this shit for you?’ We don’t have to ruin it. Just watch Season 2.”

What is season 2 of Mr. and Mrs. Smith about?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

We don’t know who is starring in the show yet, and we also don’t know much about what a second season might entail. All we know is that the show was supposed to focus on a new couple with the John and Jane Smith titles who go on missions of their own as they explore their relationship. If Glover and Erskine return, that may be out the window.

Is there a trailer for Mr. and Mrs. Smith season 2 yet?

There is no trailer for the show’s second season out yet, as it has yet to begin filming.

What is the release date for Mr. and Mrs. Smith season 2?

Maya Erskine and Gonald Glover in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Amazon Prime Video

No release date has been announced for the new season, but given that we don’t even know who’s in it, the earliest it could debut is likely in the latter half of 2025, or even 2026.

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