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Introducing a New Look for The Manual

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We all need an update every once in a while. It’s why we renovate the living room, clean out the closet, rotate our shoe collection, or try a challenging recipe.

The same holds true for publications, which is why we’d like to introduce an evolution of The Manual. Our design and engineering teams have been working diligently on a new look for The Manual site over the past few months.

Why? It’s all for you, the reader.

Our coverage — and our mission to show men how to live a life that is more engaged — will stay the same. The differences you will notice are faster load times, exciting page layouts, a sleeker font, and a refreshing new look. The biggest change will be seen by those of you who read The Manual on their smartphones and other mobile devices, which includes over two-thirds of our total readership.

In the future, you can expect more educational guides, more of our favorite product suggestions, more noteworthy trends, more podcast episodes, and more must-read features, like the 2019 Spirit Awards, which are just around the corner.

Our coverage — and our mission to show men how to live a life that is more engaged — will stay the same.

But any big change in life demands maintenance. You can’t just splurge on your dream ride — you need to know how to care for it, too. We will still be tuning up the new site like a classic car in the months to come. If you see something you like, something you don’t, or something that could change, drop us a line via our online contact form. We’re always around.

Welcome to The Manual. Let us know what you think!

Nicole Raney
Nicole Raney is the former Managing Editor of The Manual. You can also hear her on older episodes of The Manual Podcast, a…
Is there a new James Bond?
Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly been offered the role.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train.

Bond may be back. Three years after Daniel Craig officially stepped down from the job with No Time to Die, reporting from The Sun suggests that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been offered the gig, and could be the next James Bond actor. Taylor-Johnson has yet to formally accept the role, but if he did, he would be the eighth different actor to take on the character.

Taylor-Johnson has been working in Hollywood for some time now and has starred in everything from Avengers: Age of Ultron to Bullet Train. If he is cast, Taylor-Johnson would be among the more prominent actors to take on the part. After all, he's already won a Golden Globe. Even so, taking on the role of James Bond can propel you to a new level of stardom, which is precisely what it has done for Daniel Craig.
Taylor-Johnson has been one of the contenders for years
Ever since Craig announced that No Time to Die would be his last movie as Bond, after flirting with quitting following SPECTRE, there was immediate speculation about who might be the best fit to take over the job. Taylor-Johnson was one of the names on that list, but other names included Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Idris Elba.

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The Ghostbusters have a new ride in Frozen Empire, courtesy of Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Sprinter plays a pivotal role in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
The ECTO-Z makes its debut in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Later this month, the Ghostbusters will be back on the big screen in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. And while three generations of the team are coming together, there is a big addition to the crew: The ECTO-Z. At an event in New York City, Mercedes-Benz officially unveiled the Ghostbusters' new ride, which is a customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that follows in the footsteps of the iconic ECTO-1 from the first three films.

Given the larger size of the second and third-generation Ghostbusters team, it was only natural that they would need a vehicle that could carry all of them to the scene of a haunting anywhere in NYC. As for the name, it comes from original team member Dr. Winston Zeddemore, as played by Ernie Hudson. Ghostbusters: Afterlife established that Zeddemore is now the financial backer of the Ghostbusters and the de facto leader of the team.

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3 reasons to watch Guy Ritchie’s new Netflix series The Gentlemen
Need a reason to watch The Gentlemen? We've got three.
Theo James in The Gentlemen.

One of the best shows on Netflix in March is about to premiere, and The Gentlemen may sound familiar to anyone who saw Guy Ritchie's film of the same name in 2019. The Gentlemen isn't the first movie to make the leap to television, but this show isn't some cheap knockoff. Instead, Netflix has made it one of the marquee series of the month with production values that are worthy of any feature film.

With the series premiere right around the corner, we're sharing three reasons why you should watch Guy Ritchie's The Gentlemen on Netflix. If you love crime shows or Guy Ritchie flicks, this may be your new favorite binge.

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