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How to Perform Better in Bed with SHEEX

With the holidays hovering ever closer, we are putting SHEEX high on the list of gifts to give for everyone: parents, in-laws, siblings and partners. Even if those peeps aren’t necessarily athletic, these sheets will become their new favorites; taking them from cozy winter nights to hot and humid summer slumbering.

Imagine sheets that are made from the same quick-drying, temperature regulating and silky soft fabric as your technical athletic wear. Yes, that comfortable and breathable. 

And don’t think we haven’t thought about their brilliance while bonking. You can go on an all night lust filled bender and not end up in a sweaty cuddle puddle by sunrise. Now do we have your attention?

SHEEX is the world’s first performance bedding line. Unlike traditional sheets, SHEEX fabric releases trapped body heat, keeping you cooler than traditional sheets. This leads to a more regulated body temperature while you sleep, providing cooler, better, more rejuvenating sleep. Not to mention the sheets are moisture wicking and ridiculously silky smooth. We have been using them for several weeks and we have noticed our sleep quality improve dramatically (editors note: being half Greek, I am a sweat machine, so these are my new savior).

How often do you wake up with a wet pillow in the middle of the night? Gross. Not with SHEEX. They hold a unique position fusing technology, sleep, wellness and style for the performance lifestyle. Founded by former coaches and athletes, they are the first patented performance fabric bedding powered by SLEEP-FIT Technology™.

Want double the luxury and breathability? Keep your gym shorts for the gym and check out SHEEX Performance Sleepwear. They have designed a whole range of cool, dry and comfortable pieces from PJ pants and shorts to short sleeve tees and even a hoodie that we couldn’t take off all weekend lounging around the house.

To try SHEEX for yourself visit their website and click to a better nights sleep.

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