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A Stylish Way to Sleep: The Floyd Platform Bed and Headboard

Putting together a bed frame can be a painful process, especially if it’s bulky and heavy with the need for screws and tools. Sometimes assembling one can feel just as complicated as if you built it yourself. Taking it apart can be a hassle, too, when it’s time to move to a new place–not so with the Floyd Platform Bed.

The folks at Detroit-based Floyd know the challenges that come with modern urban living. We want fast, simple, and easy. That’s why they developed the Floyd Platform Bed. You don’t need any screws or tools, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. Now, in addition to the Floyd Platform Bed, which consists of three birch panels with a honeycomb core and black or white metal supports, there’s a headboard that can be added, so you can read books or tinker with your iPad or computer with ease.

the floyd platform bed

“Listening to what our customers want is at the heart of Floyd’s business model and following the success of our platform bed, requests for a matching headboard to compliment the frame started pouring in,” said Floyd CEO/co-founder Kyle Hoff. “Our goal has always been for Floyd to design for how people are truly living, so it’s thrilling for our customers to be engaged in our brand’s growth.”

We wanted to see just how easy it was to put together the bed, and we can confirm that it wasn’t difficult at all. We recommend having two people around to make the process faster. It probably took 20 minutes from start to finish, with the most difficult part being wrapping the straps around the supports. When it came time to attaching the headboard, the the two brackets didn’t fit exactly with the bed panels (perhaps the wood had expanded), so we had to hammer them in. Other than that, the process was fast, simple and painless. Plus, you have that sleek, minimal look that that goes with it.

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