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Java Lovers Can Now Sleep in Coffee-Infused Bedding from Ettitude

Wake up and smell the coffee… almost literally in Ettitude’s new coffee-infused bedding.

Java connoisseurs can take their passion for the brew to new (and surprisingly comfortable) levels now that Ettitude— an Australian sustainable home-ware label— is infusing its signature Bamboo Lyocell fabric with repurposed coffee grounds.

The mixture of bamboo with coffee creates a bedding that is super soft, 50% more moisture wicking than cotton, hypoallergenic, and highly odor diffusing (without actually smelling like coffee).

Coffee’s natural odor-killing properties promise to diminish the smell of, well, spending about eight hours a night in the same place. This trend of infusing fabric with coffee isn’t new, in fact it’s building speed— especially in the cycling apparel category where underground brands like Death Wish Coffee and OORR are looking to the Joe for an odor-reducing edge.

You might not be sweating as much in bed as you would on a bike, but Ettitude’s Coffee Bedding Collection (AU $135 Basic King Sheet Set) will still help stave off the night sweats or say, NYC summer heatwaves. This moisture-wicking magic is courtesy the bamboo fibers. Seriously, if you haven’t tried bamboo sheets you need to upgrade now.

And less sweat in bed means cleaner sheets for longer… which means doing less loads of laundry and still having a bed you wouldn’t be embarrassed inviting someone into. (My bed is made of coffee might be the best pickup line you’ve ever used also.)

Ettitude’s Coffee Bedding Collection is available for pre-sale on Kickstarter— the same platform the brand saw success with in marketing Bamboo Charcoal Bedding.

Noticing a natural trend?

In the honorable pursuit to create bedding that is deserving of all the time you spend in it (we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed), Ettitude is approaching the challenge with a natural and sustainable mindset. All their products are made with 100% organic Bamboo Lyocell in a closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water to minimize waste.

In contrast, cotton bedding— the most popular bedding fabric—  has a production is labor-intensive and involves a lot of chemicals and fresh water. Not only is the bamboo industry more sustainable, but the fiber yield per acre from bamboo can be up to 10 times higher than cotton, while requiring less than 1/10 of the water.

Yes, you should sleep better knowing your sheets are more sustainable for the planet, but you’ll also wake up looking better in Ettitude’s Coffee Bedding.

Since bamboo fibers have a silky-smooth texture, both your skin and hair won’t get irritated by a night of tossing and turning. Nobody likes walking into the office with sheet wrinkles across their face.

So mature your sleeping (and waking) game with sustainable, antimicrobial sheets made with coffee. The next step is removing those horrible college posters… but baby steps.

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