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First Apple+ Korean Language Release, ‘Dr. Brain,’ Is a Sci-Fi Thriller

Sun-kyun Lee in “Dr. Brain,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ Nov. 4.
Sun-kyun Lee in “Dr. Brain,” premiering globally on Apple TV+ Nov. 4.

“You’re saying that we can access a person’s memories and thoughts? Why would we need to do this?” an assistant queries.

The dark trailer for Dr. Brain soon reveals why.

From visionary filmmaker Kim Jee-Woon (I Saw the Devil), brilliant brain scientist Sewon (Parasite’s Lee Sun-Kyun) suffers a horrific personal tragedy, losing both his wife and his son. Desperate to uncover how and why this happened, Sewon conducts “brain syncs” with the dead to access their memories for clues. The results are not good.

Apple TV+’s first trailer for its first Korean language release get tense and trippy very quickly. While Sewon pops in and out of visions that may or may not be his, we find that this brilliant scientist may not only be losing his mind, but might be the prime suspect in a murder investigation. 

“The memories of the deceased are all tangled in my head,” Sewon intones.

The six-episode Korean thriller series is based author Hong Jac-ga’s popular Korean webtoon of the same name. To unravel his family’s mysterious accident, Sewon must perform “brain syncs,” which will allow him to see the memories of the dead. Despite the obvious downsides to this plan, Sewon will stop at nothing to find the answers he’s seeking.

Sewon postulates that he might be seeing hallucinations from someone else’s head. In addition to the obvious pain that this is causing him, there are roach hordes spreading on the street, climbing up his leg and some sort of water octopus monster manifesting, as just some of the visions Sewon confronts. 

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If the trailer’s action indicates anything, Dr. Brain promises to be an armrest-clenching thrill ride that may or may not contain an easy narrative ending. This is one of those shows that may have to be examined a few times for clues missed the first time through. Apple TV+’s first foray into Korean television suggests the streaming service is going to be supporting some deep dives and complex drives through the human psyche.

Dr. Brain will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on Nov. 4. Brand-new episodes will be released weekly through Dec. 10. Check out the trailer below.

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