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Coachella Festival NFTs Harder to Score Than Show Tickets

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has earned a reputation for taste-making and trendsetting from its Southern California locus. 2022 is no different as the already sold-out music and fashion show is getting into the NFT game.

Coachella’s new NFT offerings range from fun, unique digital prints created for festivals in years past to stunning electronic images of past shows. Oh, and there’s also a set of ten keys up for auction ending this Friday that grant winners a lifetime pass to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. This Coachella Keys Collection includes exclusive experiences in 2022, Coachella-produced virtual experiences, and passes to one festival weekend every April, forever. Bids for these incredible keys are already well into the tens of thousands of dollars. If this is a bit out of your price range, no need to worry. There is still plenty of select art available at more accessible prices.

Coachella NFT Lifetime Key Number 9

Coachella first announced its round of NFTs on Feb. 1, an unsurprising foray from a company known for its forward thinking. In November, Coachella parent company AEG went so far as to rename the Staples Center the Arena, an ode to what’s now a $13 billion industry. Based on the last year’s boom, traditional goliaths like Budweiser, Nike, and even Walmart have shown there’s plenty of money and plenty of space still available in the metaverse. Not only do NFTs serve as online and physical investments, with NFT tokens often serving as tickets to earn real-world goods and services, resales will also bring Coachella, designers, photographers, and installation artists royalties attached to NFTs.

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The Desert Reflection collection, for example, features 10 iconic Coachella posters produced by visual artist Emek. Purchasers of one-in-10 NFTs (right now running anywhere from $100 to $1,500) will receive rare electronic art sporting psychedelic images like three-eyed fish, dancing robots, and floating festivals along with physical copies of the Coachella — The Photographs: 1999-2019 photo book, which brings Emek’s perspective to the party.

“Mystical fish bring life and the party to the desert, above a guitar-shaped oasis,” Emek writes about Fish.

Coachella NFTs from its Desert Reflections and Sight and Sounds Collections.

For photo enthusiasts, the Coachella Sights & Sounds NFT collection shows off one-in-10 digital collectibles that bring together iconic festival photos and never before heard audioscapes from the Polo Fields. The stills and sounds collect Pacific-soaked atmospheres like Sun Set #562, a palm-treed vista carried by whispering breezes and plinking electronics.

Minted on Solana, Coachella also intends to donate a piece of each NFT sale to the local Find Food Bank, GiveDirectly, and Lideres Campesinas;

The 2022 festival lineup will headline Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Kanye West from April 15-17 and April 22-24;

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