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Can You Watch All of the Tokyo Olympics on Peacock? What’s Streaming?

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are here a year late after being postponed last summer, and if you’re looking to tune in, you’ve got some options. Among them is Peacock, a relatively new (and rapidly growing) streaming service from NBC, which is being promoted heavily with the Olympic games as the exclusive outlet for some of the biggest events. Here’s what’s streaming on Peacock and how you can watch it all live.

Peacock is NBC’s new streaming platform which was launched one year ago. Given that NBCUniversal is one of the top outlets for all things sports and the primary U.S. broadcaster of the Olympic Games, it’s no surprise that Peacock is one of the best destinations for streaming everything from PGA Golf and Premier League Soccer to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Better still is the fact that the biggest Olympic games can be streamed via Peacock with a basic non-paid account, meaning you can watch the Olympics online for free — with one exception.

Due to region-based sports broadcasting restrictions, U.S. men’s basketball is the only event you can’t watch for free. You can, however, stream it with a Peacock Premium subscription, which will only set you back $5 per month. That also gets you full access to the entire Peacock content library, including a ton of new and classic NBC shows like The Office, exclusive Peacock Originals such as the Save by the Bell reboot, films, sports, news, and more.


The main events from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are available to stream with a free Peacock account, however. In fact, it’s the only place where you can watch gymnastics and track and field — NBC isn’t airing those on its flagship TV network. There’s plenty of other content on tap, too. The Tokyo NOW channel is the main feature, but there are five channels in total completely dedicated to this year’s Olympic games. Aside from the live events, you can enjoy additional coverage such as athlete profiles, historic highlights, Team USA’s top moments, and exclusive documentaries including For Ball and Country, The Greatest Race, and The ’96 Effect, among others.

The Tokyo Olympics are streaming now, so it’s the perfect time to sign up for your free Peacock account and watch the Olympic Games online without having to pony up a dime (unless you want to watch U.S. men’s basketball, that is). If you’re curious to see what’s on deck, you can view the complete Olympic schedule here.

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