Eight Great Groomsmen Gifts for Your Best Dudes

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Congratulations, you’re getting’ hitched! Now your friends deserve a wicked parting gift.

While you probably aren’t leading charge to plan the perfect wedding (WTF is a peony and why do we need so many?),you should definitely insist on taking the reins when it comes to finding gifts for your groomsmen.

The rules for great groomsmen gifts are simple, but should not be broken: Make it personalized, high-quality, and useful. While most groomsmen get socks and a pint of whiskey, don’t succumb to this lazy, run-of-the-mill gifting schema. Get a little crazy and out of the ordinary for a wedding your groomsmen will never forget.

Here are 8 of the best groomsmen gifts out there.

1. Straight Razor Kit – $50

KC Shave Co Straight Razor Kit

Now we understand why women love Etsy. This straight razor groomsmen gift is handmade from an upcycled cigar box and clean stainless steel, and includes a straight razor, white or black shave brush, and scented shave soap (Polished Mahogany or Vanilla Ben Bourbon). The cherry on top? Each razor can be engraved with your groomsmen’s initials.

2. Woodford Reserve Personalized Label Bourbon – $39

best groomsmen gifts woodford reserve personalized label bourbon

Don’t overcomplicate it. A nice bottle of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a short, personalized message will do the trick. The note appears on the bottle, directly from Woodford Reserve, so take a minute to tailor each message for the man. Write an inside joke, nickname, or special thanks. We guarantee that after the wedding, this gift will get its share of use. Who needs socks when you have whiskey, amirght?

3. Oru Kayak – $1,599

best groomsmen gifts oru kayak

You may be the one taking the plunge, but your groomsmen will be there to keep you afloat through the madness that is your wedding. Show them how much you appreciate the support with a radical gift that can be used on weekend man-ventures. This compactable, yet highly durable, kayak folds down to the size of a messenger bag and weighs only 26 lbs. Given its higher cost, this is a great gift if the rents are paying for the wedding and you have extra cash for gifts.

4. Chameleon Cold Brew Mexican Coffee – $48 / 12 bottle case

Chameleon Cold Brew Mexican Coffee
Chameleon Cold-Brew/Facebook

There will be little sleep on the evening leading up to the wedding and the night of the reception. Your groomsmen will be by your side through the wee hours, so add this nectar of the gods to their groomsmen bags for the following morning. This ready-to-drink cold brew is made with organic beans, sugars, and spices, and packs rich hints of cinnamon, almond, and lightly sweet vanilla. Plus, it’s got a delicious kick of spice. Olé!

5. Robb Vices Subscription Box – $90 for 1 month

Robb Vices Subscription Boxes
June ’17 Subscription Box by Robb Vices/Facebook

A groomsmen gift that keeps on giving. Get a one-year subscription box for your closest guys that includes a variety of high-end tech gadgets, liquors, glassware, sweet and salty snacks, and grooming products. Each month, the box is curated with new items that are always highly unique and upscale. So if you’re looking to out-do all the other grooms out there, this is the way.

6. F. Miller Toning Mist – $46

F. Miller Toning Mist

Keep your party looking fresh with a misting face toner (made just for men) that instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin, leaving your complexion glowing. The ingredients fuse rosewater to balance and reduce redness, witch hazel and antioxidant-rich green tea extract to purify pores, and aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile soothe and calm the skin. *Pair this gift with the Chameleon Cold Brew Mexican Coffee for the perfect wake-up gift bag.

7. Daneson’s Bourbon No. 22 Toothpicks – $36 for 4 bottles

Daneson Toothpicks

This mall gift is a perfect detail to add to your groomsmen day-of ensemble (think of it as your version of a boutonniere— the flower thing you wear in your pocket). Each groomsmen gets a bottle that contains more than a dozen Kentucky bourbon-soaked toothpicks. The barrel-aged spirit is trapped deep in the birch thanks to a process that is unique to the makers. These work to take the edge off without doing three rounds of shots before the ceremony (not a good idea).

8. Epic Puerto Rican Vacay – $800-$1,000 /person

Puerto Rico

We’re believers that the best gifts in the world are experiences. Instead of shelling out hundreds to buy your groomsmen sunglasses and leather travel dopps, pull all that cash into an epic trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Being within the U.S., nobody needs a passport, however the island feels otherworldly. Enjoy an authentic bottle of Ron Del Barrilito rum (the best we’ve ever tasted), and plan a trip to one of the only bioluminescent bays in the world (well, PR has three of them). This night trip takes you out into the water on kayaks through winding mangroves to water that glows in the dark thanks to tiny organisms called Dinoflagellates. When these Dinos shake, they produce bursts of blue light that ignites all the water in a glow. Plus, getting delicious Caribbean-inspired food is cheap and the beaches are white sand with turquoise clear water.

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