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Here are Some of the Best Gifts for Parents

We parents have braved a lot over the past couple of years, from upended lifestyles to trying to convince our kids that everything is going to be fine. We’ve earned those Tom Collins, holidays beers, and takeout deliveries, and while the holidays are way more about the kiddos, it’s okay to treat yourself or your parent friends, too.

Finding the right gift for a parent can be tricky. It’s easy to assume they don’t want anything or don’t have time to enjoy anything. But we’re here to tell you that’s incorrect on both counts. In fact, some of the best gifts can buy some time and offer instant joy.

For all the parents out there: Fret not, the holidays include you, too. Here are some of the best gifts for the young parent in your life.

Yoga Mat

Relaxation should be a running theme when you’re contemplating a gift for a parent. A great yoga mat like this Lululemon Take Form Mat can bring years of soothing activity, which, thanks to high portability, can happen anywhere you’d like it to. The added ripple design offers centering points for a good, restorative session. This is a gift that’s great even for non-yogis as it can either inspire a newbie to take up the practice or just be used as a sturdy pad for any number of other workouts or relaxing stretching routines.

Quality Blender

best blender for smoothies and frozen cocktails

Parents have less free time, it’s as simple as that. But they ought to keep eating healthy, if only as an example to always-mimicking children. A quality blender will allow for that, like the value-driven Oster Pro 1200. It’s trusty, boasts seven settings, and does not break the bank, should you be watching your expenses this year. Suddenly, an excellent morning smoothie or afternoon shake is a quick and easy reality.

Wine Subscription

Vivant tasting kit.

This is the golden era of booze at your doorstep and a classy wine subscription can set you up with interesting wines from all over the globe. We’ve tried a few over the last year and are especially fond of Vivant if sustainably minded French wines are your thing, Wine Access if you like hard-to-find gems, and SommSelect if you’d like to play passenger and let a sommelier take care of you.

CBD Pillow

Improved sleep is a goal for a lot of us, especially parents. Turns out, a CBD-infused pillow can help you in that department. While this particular model only lasts six months, it certainly induces a heavier snooze. Better, the pillow itself is comfortable and even smells a little intoxicating. For those unsure about CBD—and rightfully so, as a lot of the research is ongoing—this is a good way to start as it does seem to relax a bit more directly than certain drinks, tinctures, etc.

Tonie Box

Tonie Box toy.

I was skeptical at first of a toy that pledged to do the seemingly impossible; cut into screen time. Well, it does that and more. The Tonie Box is a rather genius invention, hailing from Europe a few years back. Basically, you place a magnetic figurine on a speaker box (that’s smartly padded) and listen as the character comes to life, projecting songs and stories through the box. It started with just a few options but now kids can’t choose from their favorite heroes, from Toy Story’s Woody to Elmo to Moana. Not a gift for parents? Touché, but just wait and see how engrossed the kids are and how many extra minutes of free time you’re awarded.

Pro Organizers

No, this is not a joke. Professional organizers exist and they can be life savers. Or, at least heroes of anti-clutter and peace of mind. Various services are available, from folks eager to organize your garage full of loose tools to those able to straighten up your kitchen so it’s much more enjoyable to operate in. Some will even restore order to the interior of your chaotic car. Look into what services might be available in your area and ask about a full-day rate or an ongoing plan of some kind, depending on your budget.

The Bundle

Disney bundle

The gift of television? But of course, especially when it satisfies parents and kids alike. The Disney Plus bundle has all the bases covered, including access to both ESPN Plus and Hulu. There’s way more content than you’ll ever need but it’s nice to know that you can simply throw on the game or your kids’ favorite Pixar flick without searching incessantly for it. Winter is all the better with a good bowl game or two and some educational content for the little ones to take in.

Meal Service

hellofresh vegetables on display.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

There are tons of meal services out there, some a lot better than others. HelloFresh is one of the easiest to work with and fairly healthy, meaning you and the little ones will eat well. The family plan is a great option for your crew or a gift to a fellow family, as it will feed the whole table with ease. Part of the fun, too, is preparing the meal with the little ones, without have to figure out what it is you’re cooking.

Outdoor Blanket

REI Outdoor Blanket.

A good outdoor blanket has many uses, from family picnics at the park to a dash of warmth as you take the trash out. This one is soft and water resistant and packs up easily for maximum portability. It’s great for a nap or as an impromptu play area while you’re on the go. And when it gets grubby you can just throw it in the washing machine and do it all over again.

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