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8 Educational YouTube Channels for Learning Something New

youtube learning education
youtube learning education

In the year 2020, if you can’t find the digital version, does it even really exist? Aside from food and beverage, it doesn’t seem it does.

The same applies to the power of YouTube and its library of educational videos and Ted Talks. If you want to learn how to change the headlight on your 2008 VW R32, no problem. If you want the cheat code for putting your comforter back into the duvet without a single bead of sweat, consider streaming. And if it’s as simple as learning how to properly slice and dice an onion, YouTube has the answer sans tears. As we continue on through the #quarantinelife, use the spare time to learn something new with these YouTube channels.


How to PROPERLY Repair a Rust Hole in your Car or Truck (DIY for Beginners)

With new videos uploaded weekly, ChrisFix is the channel you need to tune into when your car starts making a funny noise that turning the volume up on your stereo just doesn’t fix. Or if your the type that sees a car pulled over on the side of the road with the hood up and drives by thinking, man that would be cool if something happened to my car and I actually knew what I was looking for and could fix it instead of hitting AAA on the speed dial, this channel is for you. ChrisFix tackles problems like, “How to Change Out a Water Pump,” “How to Replace a Clutch,” and “How to Get Rid of Odor” left behind by the parking valet. This is a channel for car guys and car guys in the making — including those who just want to learn how to clean off headlights.

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Cocktail Chemistry

6 Delicious Quarantine Cocktails

Let’s face it, we all have all the time in the world right now sitting at home. And as the polls will show, quarantine has ramped up alcohol intake on the homefront. So, instead of grabbing another PBR, let’s make a fancy cocktail for that friendly Zoom call. Subscribe to learn how to make White Claw or mix a Pisco Sour. There is also video dedicated to quarantine cocktails (as seen above). If you’ve ever wanted to up your cocktail game, now is the time and Cocktail Chemistry is the YouTube Channel to do so. We’ve also put together our own easy cocktail guides for tequila, vodka, whiskey, and more.

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How to Adult

How to Save on Heating Costs

This is a channel that will serve you well for years to come and maybe should’ve been introduced to you years ago. How to Adult is perfect for those lingering questions of adulthood that you should probably know the answer to but have scooted by for the time being. Be ready to learn how to pay off your debt, “How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick,” and a truly important one that most of us tend to forget, “How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card.” It’s the basics that any adult should have a simple answer to that How to Adult answers (like finally cleaning your closet). But maybe you just have to ask yourself if you’re an adult first?

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Crash Course

The Basics of Organic Nomenclature: Crash Course Organic Chemistry #2

This would’ve been a great channel to have in your back pocket during college because in roughly 15 minutes, Crash Course will, well, deliver a crash course in just about any topic you need. Be ready for the future of artificial intelligence, the Cliff Notes of European history, and even how to negotiate a proper salary. Crash Course makes the big topics manageable and digestible and is perfect as a brush-up before you run off to trivia night. And in case you want to go full Good Will Hunting on someone, one video from Crash Course will surely put anyone in their place and assist you in going home with someone’s phone number.

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Gordon Ramsay

Ronda Rousey & Gordon Ramsay Wrestle While Making Breakfast Burritos | Scrambled

He isn’t going to come running into your kitchen with obscenities flying in every which direction, but if you want to learn “How to Properly Cook a Steak,” the recipe for the perfect cereal french toast, or even “How to Properly Wash Your Hands in the Kitchen,” then Ramsay’s YouTube channel is a must. His temper flares easily, which always makes for good viewing, and with the occasional Hollywood friend stopping by, this channel is a nice dose of reality TV combined with kitchen education.

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Zach King

Tricks At Home | MAGIC OF THE MONTH - April 2020

When you subscribe to Zach King, the world of magic and illusion will be at your fingertips. King shows the basics of shadow illusions and will often leave you scratching your head in outright confusion while hitting the rewind button over and over again. This channel is the one you stumble upon and the next thing you know, days have passed by and you still wondering how, why, or who.

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5-Minute Crafts


The videos may be a little longer than the stated five minutes, but the true execution of the crafts and DIY projects takes no longer. 5-Minute Crafts delivers with “What to do on a Boring Day,” “20 Sure-Fire Pranks,” and “Cool Ways to Workout at Home.” The library almost seems endless and by the time you’ve scanned the entire offering, and you will have forgotten the initial video that caught your attention. 5-Minute Crafts has something for everyone and just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new video is uploaded.

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Stephen Robinson/Learn Cool Stuff

I spent 20 hours learning to use a 3D pen (beginner to BMO)

Remember back in the day when sitting in English class, there was the cool kid that could spin a pen around his thumb without blinking an eye? Now you can be that guy if you tune into Stephen Robinson to Learn Cool Stuff. Videos with the details of “Balding Gracefully,” How to Rip a Phonebook in Half,” and “How to Ski for Free” are just a sampling of the videos offered by Robinson. The instruction is simple, straightforward and by the end of the video, you’ll be the king of the castle.

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