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Why You Should Be Using the BPme Rewards Gas App if You Live on the East Coast

Everyone loves to head out on the road for an epic road trip, right? What no one loves, however, is the price of gas. That’s why we’re recommending folks on the East Coast download the BPme Rewards app. One of the best fuel reward apps out there, you can save 50 cents per gallon on your next fuel-up when you sign up to the BPme Rewards app using the promo code SAVINGS1. A huge saving to start with, you’ll save 5 cents per gallon on every future refuel, too.

Thanks to this great offer, you really need the BPme Rewards app to be part of your road trip essentials list. It’s easily one of the best road trip apps out there because no one wants to spend more on gas than they need to. Saving 50 cents per gallon is a huge thing to enjoy, after all. Sure, it’s a one-time offer but the savings keep on coming with a discount of 5 cents per gallon proving hugely useful to reducing your monthly bills.

Via the BPme Rewards app, you can also enjoy plenty of other bonus offers including more savings on your fuel. Ultimately though, it’s the 5 cents off every gallon that soon adds up. All you need to do to enjoy that offer is spend $100 or more on fuel each calendar month.

You’re guaranteed a good deal with the BPme Rewards app too as there’s peace of mind via the Price Match program. Subscribe to Price Match for just 99 cents per month and the app compares prices at nearby competitor stations so you don’t have to worry about searching for yourself. Instead, you can reap all the rewards of saving on your BP and Amoco fuel purchases with none of the hassle. The 99 cents per month will soon pay for itself.

Want something even better? BP Credit card holders also get an additional 5 cents off per gallon when you combine the two offers, meaning you get 10 cents off overall for each gallon you fill up with. That amount soon adds up fast, especially if you travel frequently for work or fun.

The BPme Rewards app also offers convenient features like the ability to pay and save right from your driver’s seat without needing to use the PIN pad, plus you can go paperless with all your receipts saved automatically. It’s ideal if you need to keep track of all your spending but you’re liable to lose paper and receipts, or you simply don’t want the hassle of collecting physical items.

The BPme Rewards app is basically a no-brainer of an app to use. Taking moments to set up, you can save a fortune by using the promo code SAVINGS1 to receive an introductory one-time 50 cents off per gallon discount on your next fuel up, before enjoying 5 cents off per gallon for all future refuelings. That’s without taking into consideration all the other perks we’ve just told you about. What are you waiting for? If you spend time downloading frivolous apps, you can definitely spare the time for something that will save you plenty of cash in the long term.

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