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Someone made a running Tesla Cybertruck out of wood, and it looks better than the real thing

This Tesla has fewer panel gaps

Wooden replica of the Tesla Cybertruck
NDWoodArt / X / Twitter

The Tesla Cybertruck still hasn’t officially hit the road after years of delays, but a small YouTube channel in Vietnam seems to have produced a more natural version in a little over three months. ND-WoodArt has managed to make a functional, drivable, scaled-down version of the controversial vehicle. It consists of a metal frame, which gives the general shape, and a whole bunch of wooden panels and trim pieces. Even the vehicle’s hub caps are made of wood.

It also contains a series of batteries along with a set of motors that allow it to drive. Admittedly, the lead-acid batteries used haven’t got the range or power delivery of the lithium-ion cells that the Cybertruck will use. Similarly, the motors are a little less beefy. Judging by the video, it is about as quick as the average golf cart.

The craftsman completing the car did include a functional steering column, complete with rack and pinion, so the wooden EV can maneuver. Functionality goes beyond the truck’s ability to move. The wing mirrors can be adjusted, plus the truck’s tailgate comes down and even extends into a ramp. During the video, it was carrying a wooden four-wheeler — which means the payload and bed size have scaled pretty reasonably. The woodworker even added a functioning infotainment panel to his Cybertruck tribute, which helped complete the look. It also seems to beat the Cybertruck handily in the quality control department.

Everything on the wooden vehicle was well measured and it fits together perfectly. We couldn’t spot any panel gaps, coloring issues, or any of the other problems Tesla’s high-end EVs have been plagued with for years. In addition to the basic competence on display, some elements are also arguably better than anything Tesla has produced in recent times. Wire insulation and tire material aside, the Cybertruck’s wooden replica seems to be pretty much plastic-free. That’s a lot more than can be said for the Cybertruck, and Tesla’s other production vehicles.

100 Days Building Tesla Cybertruck For Mr. Elon Musk

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Where the wooden “Cedartruck” really stands out is with its interior. Tesla’s interiors have long been one of its weak points — with the company favoring things plain and a little plasticky. However, the Vietnamese woodworker’s effort is more Maybach than Musk. As with everything beyond the latches that keep the doors locked, the frame, and the drivetrain — it’s all made of ex-tree.

It has hand-carved seats and all-natural paneling, and there’s even a “yoke wheel” — sort of. It’s yoke-shaped, as it is in the Cybertruck, but as with the batteries and motors, it’s more about outward appearance than actual performance.

ND-WoodArt, the creator of the wooden EV, recently reached out to Elon Musk on X (formerly Twitter), expressing his admiration for the billionaire, and the actual truck his wooden replica is based on. The YouTuber also offered to send Musk the wooden truck as a gift, an offer that the Tesla CEO seems to have accepted.

Dave McQuilling
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There is another catch — the RWD Cybertruck model, which is priced at $60,990, won’t be available for delivery until 2025. If you want to order a Cybertruck right now, you’re only limited to the AWD model sold at $79,990 and the Cyberbeast model that starts at $99,990. The dual-motor AWD model comes with a range of up to 340 miles, while the Cyberbeast is rated at 320 miles. If you want the cheaper RWD Cybertruck, you have to compromise with an estimated range of 250 miles.

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Interior and exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck
On first glance at the initial photo releases, this author wasn't sure who in their right mind would drive a vehicle that looks straight out of the pages of a teen's dystopian novel. However, when seeing it in person, there's no doubt about it, The Tesla Cybertruck is a dystopian nerd fever-dream. It looks so distinct that they didn't even bother to put the Tesla logo on it. Elon Musk's message is clear: You've never seen anything like this before.
Tesla boasts its Cybertruck has a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel that is corrosion and dent-resistant -- the same alloy that SpaceX's Starship is made of. With 100 cubic feet of exterior, lockable space, a towing capability of 11,000 pounds, a payload capacity of 2,500 pounds, and adjustable suspension, the Cybertruck will be able to handle some tough adventures.
Peeking inside, the Tesla Cybertruck interior can hold six passengers in two rows of three seats. The team at Tesla has gone for a plain and minimalist feel for the interior, which some think is a bit on the boring side. That said, the truck features Tesla's signature glass roof, which helps make it feel roomier than it is.
Many people have also been concerned that the back row might not have enough headroom due to the triangular slope of the roof, but the specs are out and the 39 inches seem to be adequate for most people who have had the opportunity to test drive it.
Drivers are greeted with a 17-inch display and a yoke-like steering mechanism, coupled with an electrifying acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds -- it may feel more like a fighter jet. Netizens speculate that the Cybertruck will have a range of around 300 miles based on a post from the famous YouTube tech reviewer MKBHD.

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