Skycamp is the Roof Rack Treehouse You’ve Always Wanted

Car camping has its pros and cons.

If you’re in a small car, you’re cramped for space and it becomes more than a little unpleasant. An SUV or truck can’t go all of the places you’d like it to and can have a sizable footprint.


Korean company iKamper shared the same sentiments. So they came up with the Skycamp – a roof rack mounted tent that sets up in less than a minute with just a bolt wrench.

While best suited for a medium-sized SUV (or a vehicle with moderate ground clearance from the roof), the tent can be mounted on any car with a cross bar roof rack.

The Skycamp comes in two material options: a lightweight Poly 250D for warmer climates and a heavier poly-cotton canvas that insulates better against the elements (hot or cold). Both are waterproof and windproof with specific features suited for the environment you’ll be camping in.

skycamp car roof tent 4

The tent’s floor is made of aluminum honeycomb panels that will stand up to the flexibility of campers moving up and down out of it, while absorbing shock from the drive to your destination.

And with just a push and pull of the existing framework you’ve got sleeping quarters for a family of four or three adults.

It’s proven to be a popular piece of equipment so far. According to marketing manager Eric Huh, the company was initially prepared to fill and ship 500 orders, but demand was so high, they’re now looking at more than 700. As of press time, the campaign has reached more than 1800% of its initial $100,000 goal.

skycamp car roof tent 2

“We came into the market knowing that we were tuning a product for the mass market,” he says, “but we were surprised.”

The Skycamp can also be purchased with some slick accessories like an awning and “annex” that creates a bigger, fully-enclosed living shelter hanging off the side of your car. You can even add a shoe rack to keep mud and grime outside of the tent.

There’s still a little over a month left on the Skycamper campaign. You can learn more and purchase your own tent here.