It’s a Dune Buggy! It’s a Jet Ski! It’s Actually the New Hyundai Kite

During the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, we saw a bunch of amazing vehicles. Supercars, halo models, and luxury rides dominated the convention, which showcases some of the most insane autos in the world.

However, there’s one concept car that still has us buzzing: the all-new Hyundai Kite, which doubles as a dune buggy and a jet ski.

As a dune buggy, it boasts two seats and massive street-ready wheels. When you’re prepared to go off-road and on-water, the Hyundai Kite converts into a single-seat jet ski powered by water jet propulsion. The vehicle intentionally has no roof, windows, and doors to “convey an idea of floating and freedom, connecting to the idea of spending leisure time near the water,” the company said in a press release.

According to a virtual showroom video, features that both forms share include a monocoque chassis, electric propulsion, four brushless engines in the wheels, OZ Racing rims, Sabelt seat belts (safety first), a Sila Group gear-shifter, and watertight suspensions. If that wasn’t spiffy enough for you, many of the car’s functions can be controlled by a smartphone app.

Hyundai Motor worked with Italy’s Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), a famed design school in Turin, on this innovative auto. The duo previously collaborated on the PassoCorto, a sporty, super-light coupe. These kinds of partnerships pave the way for some of the craziest, cutting-edge concepts.

“Design is the number one reason why our customers in Europe choose Hyundai cars. We are always evolving our design to reflect modern lifestyle, which is our key to success. We are delighted to contribute to the development of young talents in Europe who will be designing the cars of the future,” said Thomas Bürkle, chief designer at Hyundai Design Centre Europe, in the same release.

Unfortunately, since the Kite is a concept car, we won’t see this beast on roadways or waterways … yet.

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