Olivina Men: A Different Kind of Bourbon Confidence

Olivina Men

Olivina Men has a truly unique root of inspiration — the tradition of the craft cocktail.

If you ask a seasoned bartender about how to create the perfect cocktails, their first rule of advice would more often than not start with “use fresh and natural ingredients.” Olivina Men took this tradition and ran with it, creating a great collection of earth- and wallet- friendly products that will make any man happy with the scented hints of bourbon, cedar, and bergamot, to name a few.

Believe it or not, some people wait until Christmas for someone to get them grooming products. Whether it be booming body wash and shampoo, or shaving essentials, there are many quality products out there to choose from, and the Holiday season seems to be the easiest route to obtaining some of these gems.

If you’re one who didn’t receive any grooming gifts this year, or if you weren’t thinking about it, today is your lucky day. Olivina Men has some killer all-natural products that will allow you to head face first into 2017 looking your best.

Shave Prep & Beard Oil ($24)

Whether you prefer to let your beard bang, or keep it close and trimmed, taking care of your facial hair is crucial. This 2-in-1 shave prep and beard oil can be summarized with one word — fantastic. The organic concoction comes in a 2 fl. oz. container, which contains organic cedar wood oil and jojoba oil that help purify your hair for an all day fresh smelling beard.

Just because taking care of your beard is crucial, though, doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Warm a few drops of oil on your hands and massage all the way through your facial hair. It’s that simple. You could also choose to follow the oil with their Shave Cream for an extra smooth shave.

All-in-One Body Wash ($18)

Hair, face, body — you name it and this will clean it! Olivina Men’s body wash is not only versatile, but its effectively versatile. The wash removes dirt without leaving behind oily, dry skin. It also makes for a mean head of hair, as it gives it a matte, movable texture that is easier to style and ridiculously soft. If we haven’t turned your head yet, its bourbon-cedar scent will surely turn others when you walk passed them.

Whether you like to keep things simple, or need something for quick weekend travels, this body wash is exactly what you need.

Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm ($5)

When the cold hits, so do the dry lips. It’s something that’s easy to ignore in the beginning of winter, but as temperatures continue to drop, so does the health of your lips. Olivina Men has a bourbon vanilla lip balm that contains organic olive oil and cocoa butter to nourish lips with essential nutrients and protect them from harsh winter weather. Staying hydrated is vital for keeping your lips healthy, but nothing quite gets the job done like this lip balm.